RELEASED 26TH JULY 2019 Favourite track: Normal All this percussion used so well will have you moving and discovering a new found love for Afrobeat Wow I’m lucky to have come across another artist from the UK. Juls is a British Ghanian producer who is credited with being among those who are increasing the popularity … Continue reading COLOUR (JULS)


RELEASED 5TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: P I don’t even know how to sum up Jaden’s album. Just listen. Jaden’s latest album has the internet talking (once again). The rapper/songwriter/producer has released ERYS (which is a reflection of one of his other albums: SYRE…nice touch). If you’re familiar with the cover art of his other … Continue reading ERYS (JADEN)


Released 12th June 2019 Favourite track: Zulu Screams Dramatic, well-paced, quirky and had me hooked. Honestly one of the most interesting albums of this genre I've heard with some great collaborations. On seeing the artists featured in this album (with the likes of Khalid and Pusha T making appearances), I was SUPER excited to hear … Continue reading DIASPORA (GOLDLINK)


Released 17th May 2019 Favourite track: IGOR'S THEME You’ve entered a quirky world of dancing machines jamming to 80s synths and RnB beats with Tyler, The Creator as a DJ sending us all through time warped channels where he expresses his power but also his vulnerability in artistic fragments. Tyler, The Creator is an Alternative … Continue reading IGOR (TYLER, THE CREATOR)