RELEASED 30TH OCTOBER 2020 Favourite track: safety net The production of this album is great, her vocals are THERE and she definitely presents a more ‘grown’ version of herself with these tracks only hinted at in her previous albums. So Ariana Grande has dropped yet another album which everyone on social media has been buzzing … Continue reading POSITIONS (ARIANA GRANDE)


RELEASED 6TH MARCH 2020 Favourite track: Mourning Doves A gorgeous album looking at love, toxic situations, break-ups and self-care with RnB backings, dreamy vocals and soulful sounds I was first introduced to L.A. artist, Jhené Aiko, on Drake’s track ‘From Time’ and I’ve explored some of her independent music since, with ‘To Love & Die’ … Continue reading CHILOMBO (JHENE AIKO)


RELEASED 25TH OCTOBER 2019 Favourite track: Follow God An album praising the Lord, re-educating people about what’s truly important and the idea of sin/temptation/faith though incredible gospel vocals, rap, incredible instrumentals and beats creating a truly powerful sensation A highly-anticipated album from Kanye West entitled JESUS IS KING was released last month but I’ve only … Continue reading JESUS IS KING (KANYE WEST)


RELEASED 26TH JULY 2019 Favourite track: deep end - alt version What feels like an insight into the heartbreak and mixed feelings of the singer as she battles with walking away whilst still being nostalgic over someone I had come across Lykke Li when I reviewed Mark Ronson’s latest album. She actually featured on one … Continue reading STILL SAD STILL SEXY (LYKKE LI)