RELEASED 24TH JANUARY 2020 Favourite track: Play Play It was genuinely a challenge to pick my favourite track from this varied album that has some of the best production I’ve heard recently.   East London rapper, J Hus, has become one of the most recognisable names in the UK rap scene known for his success … Continue reading BIG CONSPIRACY (J HUS)


RELEASED 12TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: 1000 Nights This album rivals DJ Khaled in the number of massive artists featured on it but every song is great and showcases Ed Sheeran’s vocal ability, song-writing skills and how so many genres are mastered by one man with the help of a few popular artists that bring … Continue reading NO.6 COLLABORATIONS PROJECT (ED SHEERAN)


Released 7th June 2019 Favourite track: Make Me Fall In Love & You Can Keep Me Forever He’s flirting with all us UK girls for sure but with bass lines, rapping and beats like this…he’s doing well Well the introduction to UK Rapper, MoStack’s, album, Stacko, was very cinematic with an audio of what appears … Continue reading STACKO (MOSTACK)


Released 31st May 2019 Favourite track: Gangsta When he said “I’m a king, she’s a queen you know what’s happening” I was already loving the lines of this album and I was glad to see it only got better with hard bass lines and great beats Skepta is a popular UK grime artist and producer … Continue reading IGNORANCE IS BLISS (SKEPTA)