RELEASED 14TH FEBRUARY 2020 Favourite track: Posthumous Forgiveness Mysterious, synth-heavy and intricately crafted. This album is so worth listening to. I’ve been a fan of Kevin Parker a.k.a. Tame Impala’s music, especially tracks like ‘Past Life’ and ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’ so I was excited to see there was a new 12-track album out … Continue reading THE SLOW RUSH (TAME IMPALA)


RELEASED 31ST JANUARY 2020 Favourite track: Never A Low An atmospheric, intriguing and extremely listenable blend of Alternative British Rock blitzed with electronic intricacies. There isn’t much information on the 4 piece group Gengahr who have a big listening in London. But, as usual, I love discovering new artists and music in general. I didn’t … Continue reading SANCTUARY (GENGAHR)


RELEASED 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019 Favourite track: Unspoken Rustic but melancholic, there is so much emotion and pain in his lyrics that come through in each song but you can’t help but hear his story Another UK singer who is blowing up in Aaron Smith with his 4-track EP Loveless that looks at love and trauma … Continue reading LOVELESS (AARON SMITH)


RELEASED 5TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: Malembe This is one of the most interesting and innovative albums I’ve heard that tells a hidden story of the downtown scene present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo I hadn’t actually heard of KOKOKO! at all. The project is described as the “sound of Kinshasa’s tomorrow”, with … Continue reading FONGOLA (KOKOKO!)