RELEASED 30TH OCTOBER 2020 Favourite track: safety net The production of this album is great, her vocals are THERE and she definitely presents a more ‘grown’ version of herself with these tracks only hinted at in her previous albums. So Ariana Grande has dropped yet another album which everyone on social media has been buzzing … Continue reading POSITIONS (ARIANA GRANDE)


RELEASED 17TH JULY 2020 Favourite track: Saltwater This album will transport you to an ancient world where we are in harmony with nature and the spirits of the past. I hadn’t heard of East London-based artist, Zara McFarlane, but looking over her bio, she has already made quite a name for herself in the music … Continue reading SONGS OF AN UNKNOWN TONGUE (ZARA MCFARLANE)


RELEASED 10TH JULY 2020 Favourite track: Dear Life This EP is romantic but also very real. The lyrics have a relatable quality whilst the delivery tells a story as she endeavours to explore the matters of her heart. I hadn’t heard of UK artist, Mathilda Homer, but I always love a good EP so when … Continue reading DEAR LIFE (MATHILDA HOMER)


Favourite track: Use You Another very listenable female RnB album that looks at love through a modern lens Another new discovery for me was the Swedish artist AWA whose 6-track album cry.baby caught my eye. The cover art shows her with heavy silver jewellery and a headdress looking at the camera fierce. I didn’t know … Continue reading CRY.BABY (AWA)


RELEASED 12TH JUNE 2020 Favourite track: Baby Girl Insanely good vocals, powerful female energy and RnB beats and instrumentals I first discovered the sister duet Chloe x Halle on YouTube when they did a phenomenal cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’. They were soon signed to her label and have released their album Ungodly Hour consisting … Continue reading UNGODLY HOUR (CHLOE X HALLE)