RELEASED 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 Favourite track: I Don't Wanna Know Charli XCX takes you to her world of metallic sounds and synth basslines as she gives us a range of catchy songs that you’ll play until the end. I have been familiar with British pop star, Charlie XCX, since she released the massive hit ‘Boom … Continue reading CHARLI (CHARLI XCX)


Released 24th May 2019 Favourite Track: Heroes So we’ve came down into the boiler room and there’s a Wizard of Oz kind of set up with these huge eyes and someone behind a curtain mixing electronic music. Weird flex but the music kinda bangs. As someone who is new to Flying Lotus’s music, I was … Continue reading FLAMAGRA (FLYING LOTUS)


Released 17th May 2019 Favourite track: IGOR'S THEME You’ve entered a quirky world of dancing machines jamming to 80s synths and RnB beats with Tyler, The Creator as a DJ sending us all through time warped channels where he expresses his power but also his vulnerability in artistic fragments. Tyler, The Creator is an Alternative … Continue reading IGOR (TYLER, THE CREATOR)