RELEASED 2ND AUGUST 2019 Favourite track: My Lover This album explores all her love, disappointment and confusion but remains fierce because is there really any other way to handle it? I had come across the BRIT-award nominated RnB artist, Mabel, before. I was a fan of her hit song ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ so when … Continue reading HIGH EXPECTATIONS (MABEL)


RELEASED 26TH JULY 2019 Favourite track: deep end - alt version What feels like an insight into the heartbreak and mixed feelings of the singer as she battles with walking away whilst still being nostalgic over someone I had come across Lykke Li when I reviewed Mark Ronson’s latest album. She actually featured on one … Continue reading STILL SAD STILL SEXY (LYKKE LI)


RELEASED 26TH JULY 2019 Favourite track: Normal All this percussion used so well will have you moving and discovering a new found love for Afrobeat Wow I’m lucky to have come across another artist from the UK. Juls is a British Ghanian producer who is credited with being among those who are increasing the popularity … Continue reading COLOUR (JULS)


RELEASED 25TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: Butterfly Effect This album is so energetic that you feel like you’ve taken a pill that has made the world intensively colour saturated and you feel every vibration on the ground warping the world around you As a fan of the hit song ‘Taki Taki’ (featuring Cardi B, Ozuna … Continue reading CARTE BLANCHE (DJ SNAKE)


RELEASED 12TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: Propaganda I think she has captured the turbulent state of mind and heart in an album with stunning vocals and strong instrumentals and beats that are so varied you want to carry on listening Although I hadn’t heard of Alternative Pop/RnB artist, BANKS, I liked the sound of her … Continue reading III (BANKS)