RELEASED 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 Favourite track: I Don't Wanna Know Charli XCX takes you to her world of metallic sounds and synth basslines as she gives us a range of catchy songs that you’ll play until the end. I have been familiar with British pop star, Charlie XCX, since she released the massive hit ‘Boom … Continue reading CHARLI (CHARLI XCX)


RELEASED 23RD AUGUST 2019 Favourite track: Home He raps over some of the most listenable, atmospheric music partnered with HARD beats as he tells us about his journey I came across UK Rapper, Headie One, when he collaborated with Dave on the track ‘18HUNNA’ (yeah, I was late to the party) and I’ve since reviewed … Continue reading MUSIC X ROAD (HEADIE ONE)


RELEASED 12TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: 1000 Nights This album rivals DJ Khaled in the number of massive artists featured on it but every song is great and showcases Ed Sheeran’s vocal ability, song-writing skills and how so many genres are mastered by one man with the help of a few popular artists that bring … Continue reading NO.6 COLLABORATIONS PROJECT (ED SHEERAN)


RELEASED 5TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: Malembe This is one of the most interesting and innovative albums I’ve heard that tells a hidden story of the downtown scene present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo I hadn’t actually heard of KOKOKO! at all. The project is described as the “sound of Kinshasa’s tomorrow”, with … Continue reading FONGOLA (KOKOKO!)


Released 17th May 2019 Favourite Track: You Stay It is mainstream sounding music but you can’t help but vibe with it. I don’t know how DJ Khaled does it but he produces some great music, many of which could be hits on their own.   DJ Khaled’s latest album, Father of Asahd, has been talked … Continue reading FATHER OF ASAHD (DJ KHALED)