RELEASED 4TH OCTOBER 2019 Favourite track: Body I wouldn’t even be lying if I said I was slightly obsessed with this sexy, honest and smooth RnB album full of her stories and stunning vocals Summer Walker is a name I’ve seen pop up on my Spotify, YouTube and Instagram loads in recent times. I think … Continue reading OVER IT (SUMMER WALKER)


RELEASED 30TH AUGUST 2019 Favourite track: Norman fucking Rockwell I was beyond excited for this highly-anticipated album and, boy oh boy, did Lana blow us away with yet another sultry, cinematic, retro collection of poetry that has us reminiscing about a time that we'd never lived in. As a MASSIVE Lana Del Rey fan, I’m … Continue reading NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL (LANA DEL REY)


RELEASED 25TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: Butterfly Effect This album is so energetic that you feel like you’ve taken a pill that has made the world intensively colour saturated and you feel every vibration on the ground warping the world around you As a fan of the hit song ‘Taki Taki’ (featuring Cardi B, Ozuna … Continue reading CARTE BLANCHE (DJ SNAKE)


RELEASED 3RD JULY 2019 Favourite Track: ‘Room to Fall’    It'll transport you out of this world and you'll be thrown onto a dance floor where you'll need to survive the intense builds and drops The DJ/Producer, Marshmello, is probably one of the most intriguing artists out there currently purely for the fact that he … Continue reading JOYTIME III (MARSHMELLO)


RELEASED 21ST JUNE 2019 Favourite Track: Don't Leave Me Lonely This album has something for everyone and really displays Ronson’s skill as a producer. There are some beautiful and interesting songs that simulanteously take you back to the past and propel you to the future When I hear the name “Mark Ronson”, all that comes … Continue reading LATE NIGHT FEELINGS (MARK RONSON)