RELEASED 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 Favourite track: feel away This album is split into two different moods. We’ve got aggressive, intense rap music and then we’ve got slower, reflective rap – both are incredibly listenable and well-produced. I’ve only recently discovered UK artist, slowthai, with the song ‘feel away’ which I had on repeat for ages … Continue reading TYRON (SLOWTHAI)


RELEASED 5TH JULY 2019 Favourite Track: P I don’t even know how to sum up Jaden’s album. Just listen. Jaden’s latest album has the internet talking (once again). The rapper/songwriter/producer has released ERYS (which is a reflection of one of his other albums: SYRE…nice touch). If you’re familiar with the cover art of his other … Continue reading ERYS (JADEN)


Released 31st May 2019 Favourite track: Gangsta When he said “I’m a king, she’s a queen you know what’s happening” I was already loving the lines of this album and I was glad to see it only got better with hard bass lines and great beats Skepta is a popular UK grime artist and producer … Continue reading IGNORANCE IS BLISS (SKEPTA)