welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Angel

This EP is essentially slow RnB with a wonderful twist, full of stunning vocals and great production.

This was my first time coming across the music of Lava La Rue, a West London rapper, who typically makes soft RnB soulful music that explores queer self-love, social and political issues. I was drawn to the cover art of her latest EP Butter-Fly which depicts Lava wearing an interesting headdress and a drawn butterfly in the top right hand corner. I love reviewing EPs, especially when it’s my introduction to a new artist as it gives me a quick glimpse into their music and style.

Image credit: Twitter

The first song ‘Magpie’ opens with this old school Hip-Hop choral audio and then a slow beat and vocals come in. It’s got this very chill feel to it where you find yourself moving to the rhythm. The vocals are gorgeous and the rap elements contrast so well to the slower lyrical delivery. This one looks at the idea of accepting their struggle with the repeated line “actions speak louder than apologies” which is a sentiment I agree with 100%. The instrumental bridge works very well in adding variety to the track and showing off the production skills. Deb Never features on ‘Angel’ which opens with a retro dream guitar reverbed and audio of laughing girls. When the rap comes in it’s a VIBE. This song truly is magical, romantic and energetic.

‘Goofy Hearts Club’ begins with a dreamy, chilled harp strum. The vocals here are gorgeousss. The harmonies are beautiful and totally relaxed me. It then suddenly switches quickly and a beat comes in (almost Garage in style but slower) with some synths. The vocal delivery consistently compliments the tone and pace of the backing music. ‘G.O.Y.D’ (abbreviation for Girl Of Your Dreams) is definitely a song appealing to someone to notice them and give them a chance. It starts with almost synth video game sounds but the rap is perfect here I have to say. It’s got this playful feel to it but also a soft, hopeful sound. I’m here for the guitar and the chill beats. The final track features Karma Kid titled ‘Lift You Up’ looks more at the social issues, life at home and struggles of youth. The chorus has such a depth to it vocally and the melody is lovely with a backdrop of rock-kit drums. The lyrics here are spoken word and definitely showcase the reality.

This EP is great for travels, it’s chill and will have you in a good mood.