welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Concrete

This EP has variety, edge and wavey melodies that compliment his flow well.

I hadn’t heard of UK rapper, LZee but from his Spotify bio he fits into the Drill, Grime and UK rap genres (with influences of Garage). As a fan of UK rap, I was curious to hear what his 6-track EP No Limbo was going to be like. The cover art shows LZee at a classic, old-fashioned writing desk with a quill feather and pot of ink which I didn’t expect as most UK artists tend to go down the route of depicting themselves as cartoons or placing themselves within an underground urban setting so this was already interesting.

Image credit: Deezer

The EP opens with ‘Concrete’ which has a high-pitched, repeated chime-like synth melody and female audio before bursting into a slow, steady beat with fast hi-hat and strong bass under his rap verses. It’s got that haunting sound and I like the start/stop style to this one and siren FX as it keeps you constantly on edge. I like the deep piano keys here and there too to add that variety. Hakkz features on ‘Villain’ which opens with a harder beat and bassline. The vocals come in echoing around the rap verses. The flow is really good and the when the repeated FX comes in a bit later it complicates the sound which is exactly what it needs at that point along with the heavier warped bass providing a solid rhythm.  

‘Stop It’ opens with his audio and chime sounds and then vocal FX. It stops and starts a bit like the first track with a distorted, eery sound on top of a low, stable bass and UK rap beat. The flow is good here and it works nicely with the rest of the musical backing. This one looks at making money and getting what he wants. ‘Care+’ starts with a range of atmospheric sounds bursting through until we have a deeper one underneath the verses. This one is slightly more reflective and slow-paced but still rap. I love the instrumental with this one as it builds and then quietens with those wavey sounds. ‘Nice’ opens with guitar and synths then we’ve got a fast Drill beat and a drop to compliment the verse pace. This one is about his lifestyle and all the girls that come with it. The final track ‘Jack Jones’ features 5EB opens with great production. We’ve got the heavy bassline, lighter beat and then video-game like synth sounds. The flow here is great and the chorus is really catchy.

What I like most about this EP is that each track actually sounds different and he tends to leave the last 30 seconds of the songs to let the instrumental backing shine. It’s one you can definitely have at a house party or in the gym.