welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Tell Me U Luv Me

Powerful, emotional and diverse in its sound. Worth a listen without a doubt.

I can’t say I have heard a full album of the late and talented Juice WRLD but I was a fan of his hit song ‘Lucid Dreams’ and the song ‘Hear Me Calling’. I was very keen to give his posthumous album Legends Never Die a listen because out of the music I had heard, I really liked the production and his vocals. The cover art of this album is incredibly eye-catching and reminds me of a graphic novel in how dramatic and bold it is. It appears to depict Juice WRLD in a field of butterflies and pink flowers amidst what seems to be a meteor shower with a rising sun. It’s very otherworldly and powerful which almost gives more significance to the content within.

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The album opens with the track ‘Anxiety- Intro’ with gorgeous synth keys and an audio about making music, changing the world and his impact on this generation of listeners. It’s beautiful and inspiring but also alludes to the pressure that comes with influence and fame at a young age. ‘Conversations’ opens with heavy bass, video game FX sounds and hi-hats before a harder beat drops to accompany his vocals. The chorus mentions “demons”, “the devil”, “Satan” and “flames” amidst the world he lives in. I like the inclusion of orchestral strings too. ‘Titanic’ opens with a subtle bassline and then a Trap beat as he attacks the song with fast-paced delivery on top of a powerful backing. Electric guitar opens ‘Bad Energy’ when a slow beat joins and then a Hip-Hop topper as he talks about drugs and his chaotic state. I like the chorus it sort of pushes and pulls you with the audio which reflects the uneasy situation.

‘Righteous’ opens with dream guitar and softer vocals. The atmospheric guitar and vocal FX in the background make this one an atmospheric track that reminds me of Post Malone’s stuff. His vocals are so noticeably strong here. This is another one that looks at anxiety and taking pills to get over the pressure that comes with the lifestyle. ‘Blood On My Jeans’ has that Hip-Hop beat, vocal FX in the background and more guitar which comes to the forefront towards the ending which I love. Trippie Redd features on ‘Tell Me U Luv Me’ which has this electric guitar melody and fast-paced Trap beat creating an aggressive but also romantic tune. It’s odd how it works so well and it’s definitely one you can move to. The rap is great here I have to say and I’m already saving this one to a playlist. Marshmello, The Kid LAROI and Polo G feature on ‘Hate The Other Side’ which opens with dream guitar melody and a Trap hi-hat and then a HEAVY bassline. This one is catchy and the features all work well here vocally to add variety and give the track some dimension.

‘Get Through It – Interlude’ is a short message about how he prays you have the strength to get through whatever your problem is. ‘Life’s A Mess’ (ft. Halsey) looks at love on top of subtle vocal FX, guitar and then strings and a subtle beat that carries the tune along. The next track ‘Come & Go’ (ft. Marshmello) has a rock combined with EDM vibe to it which is very interesting but works with his vocals. ‘I Want It’ includes more of that signature dream guitar and Hip-Hop/Trap beat. His vocals are softer here as he’s addressing a girl he likes. It’s cute and romantic as he wants to escape with somewhere nice with her.

‘Fighting Demons’ opens with piano and a build of synth keys with a hard Hip-Hop beat. This one looks at his own demons and even though his lifestyle is crazy now he is getting destroyed by his own heart. ‘Wishing Well’ opens with a Pop dream guitar melody and then strong but subtle bassline when a Trap beat comes in. The vocal work is great here and very heartfelt. ‘Screw Juice’ has an 80s synth/guitar opening that moves into a heavy bassline and Hip-Hop beat as he speaks about how if he can make it this far, then you can too. This album really emphasises both his own internal struggles whilst also encouraging you to pursue your dreams and stay strong. You could question how much of those words of encouragement are meant for himself too as he battles constantly with his situation.

‘Up Up And Away’ has a magical, delicate guitar and an upbeat percussion which then switches to more of a Trap beat here and there to keep with the style of the album. ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Interlude’ is an audio that looks at studio work, freestyle and youth. It’s an audio about Juice WRLD’s talent and the potential he had and how his ‘freestyle’ became hits every time. It’s very sad because it really explores how he would work and the impact of his music. I love the melancholic but strong introduction of ‘Stay High’ which includes that Trap beat with piano and synths as it emphasises how he must say high as he could get “too low” in his life. ‘Can’t Die’ opens with a sci-fi style backing and then bursting through is a Trap beat. It’s haunting as this one looks at how he doesn’t think he could ever die because he was never really alive. ‘Man Of The Year’ opens with plucked electric guitar and then a proper British style Pop/Rock delivery which is out of style but does work well here. The album ends with strings and soft piano with an audio ‘Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven – Outro’ with an Instagram live audio where he addresses his fans and tells them he loves them.

This album showcases the immense talent that he had and the struggles he had too. It’s good for a night drive or just listening in headphones so you can really hear all the layers and all the lyrics.