welcome to the 60s…remixed


Favourite track: Use You

Another very listenable female RnB album that looks at love through a modern lens

Another new discovery for me was the Swedish artist AWA whose 6-track album cry.baby caught my eye. The cover art shows her with heavy silver jewellery and a headdress looking at the camera fierce. I didn’t know what to expect from her album – I didn’t even know what genre of music she did so I was ready to give this a chance.

Image credit: Twitter

The first track ‘F**kin’ Love Songs’ (ft. Ebenezer) opens with strummed guitar and raw vocals and a tambourine every so often providing the rhythm until more of an RnB beat comes in. I like the vocal harmonies and backing here as it adds some depth. She critiques love songs and says how they are “better when it hurts” which I guess is true – they hit different when you’re actually in your feelings. I like the collaboration with Ebenezer as his vocals compliment hers well here. ‘Use You’ opens with guitar and atmospheric synths. A Drake-esque beat comes in subtly in the background but the chorus is the star of the show for me. It’s gorgeous and catchy too.

‘Comfortable’ opens with steel drums and clicks to provide that typical RnB rhythm and then a harder beat comes in as she sings her song to a boy asking him to “come over”. BJ The Chicago Kid features on the track ‘Too Late For That’ which is a song you will MOVE to without a doubt. I love this one. It’s more commercial and has a real Mabel feel to it. It’s a real girl track and perfect if you’re getting ready. I like the melody and the vocal harmonies in ‘Like I Do’ which is sassy with a heavy bass but also quirky in it’s structure and delivery. She’s got attitude in this and champions self-love here which isn’t a bad thing at all. The final track ‘Piano Song’ opens with piano and a muffled beat which is stopping and starting, creating an edgy feel that’s not quite smooth flowing but it does work. I like her vocals here though and her lyrics are relatable as she sings “loves a game, what do I know? It ain’t always black and white”.

I would probably have this on when I’m having a pamper session or doing my makeup.