welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Baby Girl

Insanely good vocals, powerful female energy and RnB beats and instrumentals

I first discovered the sister duet Chloe x Halle on YouTube when they did a phenomenal cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’. They were soon signed to her label and have released their album Ungodly Hour consisting of 12 tracks. I had heard snippets of their songs as they were promoted on Instagram and YouTube but I hadn’t actually listened to one of their own songs in full so I was really excited to hear this album, especially as their voices on the covers sounded so great. The cover art shows them both in black latex dresses with metallic angel wings on a backdrop of a terracotta sky. It definitely looks powerful and feminine and it wouldn’t be unlikely that Beyoncé may be playing a large part in crafting their image which can only help.

Image credit: YouTube

The first track ‘Intro’ opens with vocals in harmony that layer to create a haunting and beautiful effect. The key changes give it that edge as the bass comes in and then we have an audio saying “don’t ever ask for permission, ask for forgiveness” as it blends into the next track ‘Forgive Me’ which has a warped synth keys and a HARD beat. The vocals are stunning, crisp and possess a strong RnB sound which I love. The vocal FX and choral work adds depth and more power. ‘Baby Girl’ has more of a playful beat and lighter instrumental. Echoed clicks come in and then the chorus is so catchy. ‘Do It’ is the catchy AF song I’ve heard promoted everywhere and it really is amazing. You find yourself moving to it, it feels summery and super feminine. It’s light-heart but harks back to a 90s sound and melody which I love especially in the line “and tonight we on a hundred”.

‘Tipsy’ opens with that haunting vocal which is then suddenly reduced and a heavy sci-fi bass and heavier beat comes barging in every so often. It’s quirky and kind of mechanical in it’s composition. I like the way they change it up with how they sing in this song as it’s less about the impressive vocals and more about delivering just enough. ‘Ungodly Hour’ opens with an 80s key synth and then a club muted kick beat and then a catchy RnB beat and chorus. ‘Busy Boy’ opens with an old style vocal audio and then an RnB beat and heavy bass as they sing about a boy who lies and plays games. It’s very playful but sassy and gives her the power back as she refuses to get emotional about him.

Swae Lee and Mike WiLL-Made it feature on ‘Catch Up’ which has a good RnB beat and a nice guitar sound in the background which drives this song. I think the male and female vocals compliment each other very well here. I really like the ethereal nature of the vocal work in ‘Overwhelmed’ accompanied by the piano and harmonies. It sounds honestly angelic. A HARD beat opens ‘Lonely’ which is a song about loneliness (pretty obvious right?) but it’s got that reassuring nature to it. ‘Don’t Make It Harder On Me’ has a very Beyoncé sound vocally in the opening as it becomes more of a Pop meets RnB sound. It’s very summery and catchy especially when we get to the chorus. ‘Wonder What She Thinks of Me’ has stunning vocal work. The sad violin and clicks which then meet guitar and a muted bass really gives it power and makes it melancholic but also a love song where she is the other woman figure I’m assuming. The final track ‘ROYL’ has an alternative sound to open with and resonated cables sound effect. The RnB beat comes as they sing in more of an alternative Hip-Hop style for the verses but then more of a Pop in the chorus.

A great album to have on at a girls night, on your way somewhere or just to listen to if you want to hear some great female RnB!