welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: IMPORTED

Full of varied tracks that look at the mix of love, danger and heartbreak with raw vocals and hard beats.

I’ve been very keen to hear Canadian singer, Jessie Reyez’s own music and then BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US was recently released so I just had to take the chance to review it. The cover art to her 17-track album shows various dramatic shots of her with photographs and candles as she stands in a white dress on the other side. I liked her voice in a song I had heard before but I didn’t know much of her stuff so I didn’t know what to expect.

Image credit: uDiscoverMusic

The first track ‘DO YOU LOVE HER’ opens with Jazz sounds and softer piano and then “I should have fucked your friends” as the opening line to this album which was interesting but I guess it paints a picture of what the album will be. Her vocals go from being edgy to soft and delicate and vulnerable. She talks about how he’s made her into a monster and how she tried to make him stay. A strong beat comes in after while she sings over it emotionally but sharply. It’s quirky in places with laugh sounds as she goes on a melodic rant. ‘DEAF (who are you)’ is full of attack as “fuck love is my anthem” and a great subtle melody that’s haunting partnered with a sharp, edgy, cutting FX sound that’s really creepy. ‘INTRUDERS’ opens with a drum kit and acoustic guitar. It’s strong and powerful but more of a coffee shop style song until you hear her lyrics which are full of danger and possessiveness.

Eminem features on ‘COFFIN’ which opens with dream guitar and raw vocals which are delivered beautifully. More vocal FX cut through the delicate sounding bits of singing. I am obsessed with the way she sings in this. It’s stunning when she sings “I love you death”. ‘ANKLES’ has choral elements tied with a heavy bassline as she sings about how the other girls are not on her level. I was over the moon to see one of my favourite songs ‘IMPORTED’ on this album featuring 6LACK. This song was on repeat for me for agesss. This song is so raw and sad but it’s their voices work incredibly well together. ‘LA MEMORIA’ opens with beautiful female choral layers and soft piano synth sounds. Jessie has Colombian heritage and she sings this song in Spanish. ‘SAME SIDE’ is softer and pretty vocally and features slower acoustic guitar and synths. I love the lines “you’re such an asshole but I see a prince, I’m a good girl but you see a bitch, I wanna make love you wanna burn a bridge”.

‘ROOF’ has a Trap beat and a magical sound FX. The vocals then get distorted over a flute and Hip-Hop beat. It’s catchy and you can move to this. ‘DOPE’ is one you absolutely can dance too. It’s very playful, in your face and chaotic. ‘KILL US’ opens with dream guitar and raw vocals again to slow it down again. Her singing is amazing in this. I like the piano opening in ‘LOVE IN THE DARK’ and the lyrics are great. The chorus accompanies some slow strings which makes it beautiful and tragic. ‘I DO’ opens with some acoustic guitar and heavy bass and muted beat. It’s got a wild west feel to it with a quickening pace which I like. ‘FIGURES’ features more electric dream guitar and a heavier bassline. She talks about how she wants to “hurt him back” and how he’s the “one who’s going to lose”.

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and JID feature on ‘FAR AWAY’ which has a slower RnB beat with wavey synths. The contrasting male vocals work nicely to tell the story from both sides. Rico Nasty and Melii feature on a remix of ‘ANKLES’ which makes it even more quirky with some Doja Cat feel to it. The final track ‘WORTH SAVING’ opens with slow piano as she talks about everyone is out there cheating and not wanting to commit and work on something. Again, amazing vocals that are so emotional and raw but then all of a sudden become vulnerable and soft.

Honestly each song is amazing so I would just have it on whilst travelling so you can listen to it all.