welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: LOYAL

If you’re a fan of Drake, you’ll like him. Full of slow RnB beats but also ones you can dance to this summer, it’s a good album.

I can’t say that I’m super familiar with PartyNextDoor’s solo music but I am aware he has worked with artists like Drake, ZAYN and Majid Jordan which places him very much in the contemporary RnB genre. PARTYMOBILE is made up of a generous 15 tracks and the cover art shows him with a reflected image. I was definitely curious to hear this album and make my mind up on him as the Toronto-based artist has been compared to Drake and The Weeknd.  

Image credit: Pitchfork

The first track ‘NOTHING LESS’ opens with atmospheric but slightly muted vocals and some female audio. Then a slow RnB beat comes in with some warp synths. His vocals are smooth and definitely have a Drake-esque feel to them. ‘TURN UP’ opens with some soft muted piano synth keys and more vocal FX in the background. I like the beat, it’s more of a Hip-Hop one this time which is nice. This song is about drinking and how he wants to see her “turn up”. ‘THE NEWS’ opens with more atmospheric, echo-y sounds. There is more of a haunting instrumental going on as a slow, steady RnB beat comes through. The vocals are nice in this and definitely carry a Drake vibe. ‘SPLIT DECISION’ could literally be a Drake song. It’s slow, atmospheric, the vocals are monotonous but then vary in some places, it’s melancholic RnB with moments of audio and quiet. I would say it’s good. ‘LOYAL’ (ft. Drake) is a hit song that I’ve heard. It’s one you can definitely dance to for the summer and it’s catchy AF. I love the chorus and I think Drake’s input compliments his well.

‘TOUCH ME’ has another beat you can definitely move to. It’s romantic and reminiscent. ‘TRAUMA’ opens with a stop and start style melody that put me on edge a little but it works with the theme of the song. I like the beat and the chorus to this. The instruments in this one add that bit of variation and make it another summery one. The flute in ‘SHOWING YOU’ is pretty as it then becomes a delicate, magical string instrument. This one is about how he wants to spend more time showing her rather than telling her so she can fall in love with him again. ‘EYE ON IT’ has a beat and synth sound that will have you moving. I love this one. It’s got a Latin and Afrobeat structure but deeper sound to it thanks to the heavier bass. Rihanna features on ‘BELIEVE IT’ which I know has become another hit song as it’s been a longggg time since Rihanna has given us anything musical. It’s a good tune and her vocals work well to give it that feminine edge.

‘NEVER AGAIN’ moves away from being Drake-esque and becomes The Weeknd-esque with this deep, atmospheric, sultry instrumental and 80s style beat. This one is about how he can’t forgive again. ‘PGT’ opens with a slower RnB beat and the vocals are faster with this one giving it some variety and rap element. ‘ANOTHER DAY’ has a strong but slow beat and the slow piano chords give it the impression of it being a melancholic love song. ‘SAVAGE ANTHEM’ opens with another distorted stop/start instrumental but this time it’s strings. The vocals are really nice in this one as he tells her not to wait on his love or hold her breath as he “don’t give no fucks” anymore. It’s a raw and emotional song. The final track is just a remix of ‘LOYAL’ with Bad Bunny’s input that includes a verse in Spanish which works well.

Some of the more upbeat songs would be ideal for a summer party with drinks but the slower ones are good for a car ride at night.