welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Cool

Dua Lipa gives us more Pop songs with synths, warped bass and catchy melodies.

Dua Lipa is back with another album. The Pop icon has had many hits and her songs are some of the most catchy around. The new album has gone with a futuristic, space girl look as she drives away from what looks like the moon on the cover of her new album Future Nostalgia. The album cover looks like an editorial shoot and she looks stunning. The album is comprised of 11 tracks so I was excited to listen to what this one would be like.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Track 1, ‘Future Nostalgia’ opens with an audio saying “The Future” and then it becomes this Pop mix with synths and warped bass. Her vocals are crisp and it makes for a catchy song. It has that Disco feel and you can definitely move to it. ‘Don’t Start Now’ is a hit song and everyone must have heard this at least once. It’s a good song and very catchy. It’s one that can be played at a club, fashion show or on a reality TV show. I like the different elements and structure to this song. ‘Cool’ opens with some synth keys and her vocals are really good here. It sounds similar to Tove Lo in composition and delivery, another Pop queen who loves a futuristic but old school sound. The chorus and melody of the keys makes it interesting and very listenable.

‘Physical’ opens with flute and warped synth keys. The beat is hard and fast-paced as she talks about the “love” she has with someone. The one is a hit song as well and VERY Pop. But the “let’s get physical” has been used before so perhaps not that much originality here? It just sounds all too commercial at times which I know works for radio but some of it can blend into one another and risks becoming forgettable. ‘Levitating’ opens differently and has a Funk guitar and beat coming through which gives the album some much needed variety. Another Disco-perfect song. ‘Pretty Please’ opens up with some bass guitar and vocals with a minimalist beat which becomes harder later. ‘Hallucinate’ has a structure that I feel has been used by a group like the Sugababes back in the early 2000s. It’s not a bad song at all and the vocal work is great.

‘Love Again’ opens slower with strings which are very cinematic and beautiful. It then changes up suddenly into a 70s style structure. This one is a catchy song but it’s slightly different from the rest of the album which is nice. ‘Break My Heart’ – another Pop track that bursts with a whole range of instruments. It’s actually pretty decent. ‘Good In Bed’ opens with playful piano and bass guitar. The whole thing is very Lilly Allen in style and melody – even vocal structure to some extent. The final track ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is about how women have been taught to change the way they behave and always be scared when they are outside because of men and the dangers that are out there. It’s a good song in terms of the message as yes, girls are taught to consider a lot more things and live with a lot more restriction typically than boys but this is not their fault, the fault lies with society and parenting.

I would say this album is upbeat and gets you in a positive mood so it could be good for a workout.