welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: In And Out Of Love

A collection of personal stories in the form of songs sung beautifully by a male and female voice, so you can hear it in both voices.

I can’t remember which song exactly, but I had definitely come across UK duo, Oh Wonder. Josephine and Anthony have amassed over 2 billion streams in 5 years and their chemistry and harmony led fans to believe this duo are more than friends, but that is still up for debate. Their latest album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown has cover art that shows a blue background and two of them in each other’s company, leaning on one another affectionately but in quite a sad way too. I don’t know what to expect of this album but I am keen to hear it as, from what I remember, it is incredibly listenable and their voices are stunning. 

Image credit: Crash Records

The track ‘Dust’ opens with their voices speaking about how “no else can steal your light” on top of a quiet, repetitive beat and then some 80s style synths. It’s a sweet song about how they’re protecting each other and how people are the same ultimately. It has this upbeat quality but also a quirky one as the backing music seems to change every minute. ‘Happy’ opens with female vocals and then the duo comes in. It’s romantic sounding and soft with a similar style soft beat as in ‘Dust’. This one is a post-break up song when they realise they are actually happy seeing the person they loved with someone new. It’s positive and cute. ‘Better Now’ is a slow song but then the melody that comes in after the chorus is very pretty. It’s calming and reflective as the song talks about how they hope someone is feeling better now as they’ve “been through it all”.

‘Hallelujah’ opens with magical piano underneath their voices. This song is about realising success and enjoying it. I like the dimensions in this one and how the chorus build adds more oomph to the song as well as a quickening instrumental and drums. Slow piano opens ‘In And Out Of Love’ as it’s melancholic and pained. This one is a love song and one of appreciation as they realise they have found the one they need. It’s a really beautiful song and an honest one. The next song ‘How It Goes’ goes through the days of the week and how much of a struggle it is until the weekend when it’s supposed to be fun but for it just…isn’t. I like the instrumental in the background, it’s a nice melody and some jazz instruments come through too. I love the vocal melody in ‘Drunk On You’. It then becomes an Ed Sheeran-esque melody as it becomes a mix of acoustic/indie and commercial. It’s one you can move to a little due to the percussion and pace. ‘Nothing But You’ has gorgeous piano that is then interrupted by more of a RnB hi-hat beat which I like. The chorus is catchy and a nice vibe. The next song ‘I Wish I Never Met You’ has more of a commercial feel to it as the song is all about pretty much what it says in the title. The final track ‘Nebraska’ is about how there are so many ways to say things and leave a person and how they have travelled everywhere and that person is still in their mind.

A calming selection of songs with gorgeous vocal work. Good for travelling when you just want to chill out.