welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: The Things We Knew Last Night

British Rock doing what it does best: telling ordinary people’s stories with catchy melodies on-top of a great drum kit beat, best heard at a concert.

Circa Waves was formed in Liverpool back in 2013 and they soon became very successful and a favourite among Radio 1 DJs. Their style has been compared to the band, The Vaccines. Their new album Happy features 7 tracks and the cover art has a spooky but artistic feel to it as it shows a female’s face in black and white with a tear drop painted on her face large and exaggerated makeup in a clown/impressionist style. Since I don’t think I’m familiar with their stuff (to my knowledge), I was very keen to hear this album and see what I think of their stuff.

Image credit: Twitter

‘Jacqueline’ opens with some electric guitar and rock kit. I feel like I have heard this track before but I don’t think I have. It’s very upbeat and catchy. It has a real British Rock feel to it. They always include a story that is kind of a ‘kitchen-sink realism’ style as they talk about a girl or work or daily life. This kind of music is made for a concert. ‘Be Your Drug’ opens with some fast-paced plucking of a guitar and then becomes a lot more hectic with harder electric guitar. It has the chaotic feel to reflect the impulsive and unstable effect of drugs. ‘Move to San Francisco’ is a slower song with piano and a little work on the snares of a drum kit. It’s a bit more air-y but then suddenly becomes very 60s Rock at the chorus. It’s so catchy I have to say.

‘Wasted On You’ opens with a quirky melody and then a rock kit backing. This one is about how he feels drunk about a girl and how he finds her character appealing compared to those around him. ‘The Things We Knew Last Night’ has a very Don McLean and The Beatles feel to it. The structure is very 60s and it’s my favourite of the album. It’s slower and more reflective. I love the singing in this one and the chord progression. Were back to fast-paced rock music in ‘Call Your Name’ which is catchy (as usual) and would be amazing live no doubt – especially the guitar solo towards the end. The final track ‘Love You More’ opens with strings that then become weirdly distorted and then a guitar strumming comes in and it becomes a romantic song with an edge. It’s an interesting sound and works well with ‘The Things We Knew Last Night’ as it’s slower and has a recognisable sound. I would say this would be my other favourite of the album.       

It would work so well in a coming-of-age film.