welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Highest In The Room

A collection of creative and experimental tracks that are all intricate in their production that had me reconsidering how I feel about Trap.

Whilst I am very aware of who Travis Scott is and his tracks (every club I’ve been to blasts him through the speakers at some point…notably SICKO MODE), I hadn’t heard of JACKBOYS. And oddly enough there is nothing on Spotify about them either. From a quick Google Search, however, I discovered that JACKBOYS is ‘a collective and group of American trappers signed to Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, which is made up of Scott himself, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax, and Scott’s DJ, Chase B’ and this album is an experimental, creative collaboration so I was very keen to hear what the songs would be like. The cover art for JACKBOYS depicts a collection of cars with passengers wearing green balaclavas. There are only 7 tracks but there are other artists outside of JACKBOYS that feature on it.

Image credit: Wikipedia

The first track is the most famous hit of the album, ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM’ featuring the singer, ROSALÍA and Lil Baby. It’s very catchy and features an appealing guitar melody and Trap style beat. There are all Travis Scott’s auto-tune/vocal FX quirks included. ROSALÍA’s voice compliments it well (I’m a fan anyway so this was nice to hear) and adds a feminine softness with a cutting edge to the track. She sings in Spanish on the track too which suits it well because the beat and guitar accommodates a Spanish style. Lil Baby’s verse also works well on the track that also features an eerie supernatural instrumental loop. The next track ‘JACKBOYS’ is an atmospheric, cinematic instrumental. It combines some 80s/90s synths and electronic warps with warm waves then a guitar. It’s composed really nicely and the build/layering works. The next track ‘GANG GANG’ (ft. Sheck Wes) opens with some vocal ad-libs and suddenly a HARD beat as they’re all back in the studio asking how they “can lose”. What the album manages to do it musically link each song so it can be played all through without stopping.

Don Toliver, Quando and Offset all feature on ‘HAD ENOUGH’ which has a GREAT backing. The rap works well and the beat is Trap but the chorus beats are Hip-Hop/RnB and instrumentals are Alternative. I think this would be my second favourite song as it’s so listenable and complex. ‘OUT WEST’ (ft. Young Thug) features some Future-esque flute melody along with a Trap beat. I love the guitar opening in ‘WHAT TO DO?’ featuring Don Toliver which looks at how he’s “still fucked up”. The rap is slower and the whole song is more melancholic although it still keeps a strong beat and bass. It’s quite dramatic overall. ‘GATTI’ (ft. Pop Smoke) is the final track of the album which is a catchy track on women and drugs. I guess you’ve got to mention it in a Trap/Hip-Hop/Experimental album. 

Ideal for the club or a prees as each song will have you moving to the Trap beats.