welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Angel’s Song

She transports you to her world and lets you into her mind for a short while with stunning vocals and honest words

London singer and poet, Arlo Parks, has a Spotify bio that makes for an interesting read when determining the content and intention of her music. It’s amazing that she is only 19 years old and has already gained a massive audience of over 800k. Her EP Sophie is made up of 5 tracks and could well be this “confessional” collection of songs dedicated to the “girl in her Spanish class”. Either way, I am very curious to hear her music. The cover art shows a girl (I’m assuming to be Arlo Parks) in what looks like a fast-food outlet as she’s looking over at something that has caught her attention.

Image credit: DIY Mag

‘Second Guessing’ is so delicate and the vocals are gorgeous. It opens as a muffled audio and then clicks and becomes crisp. The music is quite Alternative Pop in its sound as she talks about “therapy” as she evaluates her mental health and her relationships with people. The chorus is VERY catchy. ‘George’ opens with a rock-kit sound as she sings about how she’s “disgusted” by this person as she recognises signs that they’ve been here. ‘Sophie’ opens up with more of a rock-kit beat with lovely vocal harmonies and layering. I like the middle bit which is more of a spoken word addition to the track that shows a lot of honesty and exposes her thoughts.

The guitar strumming and mic noise partnered with the delicate vocals are lovely in ‘Angel’s Song’ which is melancholic as she realises “fuck, I love you”. It feels so honest and it’s soooo calming. The final song ‘Paperbacks’ opens with a muffled strong beat and then dream guitar and layered vocals on top. I like the vocal melody in this and the way she sings with the echo. It’s honest once again as she tells us exactly what she imagines and what she feels.       

All tracks could 100% be in a coming-of-age Indie film.