welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Need It

It keeps you interested and introduces you to new sounds mixing the old with the new and one genre with another

This is my first time hearing any of KAYTRANADA’s music. The Canadian DJ turned to producing and has worked with some big names in the industry. He has been awarded the Polaris Music Prize in 2016 and the Juno award for Electronic Album of the Year in 2017. His album BUBBA is made up of 17 tracks and the cover art is an edited photo of his face with striking blue eyes that are hard to miss.

Image credit: Pitchfork

Track #1 ‘DO IT’ opens with wavey FX and a world music beat with “do it” constantly said in bursts. It’s got elements of Hip-Hop, Electronic and World Music which make for an upbeat and varied mix. It then changes into a Funk old school song towards the end randomly. It’s quirky but I like it. It keeps you on your feet. ‘2 The Music’ features Iman Omari and has quite an RnB feel to it with slow, warm piano chords and a steady beat. It’s the synths and the edited vocals that give it that electronic/futuristic edge. SiR features on ‘Go DJ’. The vocals are very RnB but the background music is one you can move too for sure. It has a great rhythm, constant piano chords and then wavey synths. It has an Afrobeats vibe to it but a subtle one. ‘Gray Area’ features Mick Jenkins and has a HARD beat and bass with a cutting synth and FX. This is more Hip-Hop in style but I love the melody in the background just there on repeat. The rap over it gives it that movement and works so well.

‘Puff Lah’ is very Dance sounding as it builds up. Here, you see the DJ history coming through with the electronic synths and beats. ‘10%’ features Kali Uchis and has a very old school feel to it but then also becomes sort of Alternative RnB too. Masego features on ‘Need It’ which is a Hip-Hop tune with another Afrobeat/World music influence. It’s a tune you can move to and it’s quirky in its composition. ‘Taste’ features VanJess which is an 80s sounding track musically with more of a House beat. Estelle sings on the track ‘Oh No’ which has a strong bass, decent beat and synths throughout. ‘What You Need’ featuring Charlotte Day Wilson is a real DJ sounding tune with a 80s synth chord layout and then some electronic additions on top in the chorus. ‘Vex Oh’ (ft. GoldLink, Ari Pensmith and Eight9fly) is another Afrobeat/World Music track and very catchy.

‘Scared To Death’ has elements of Funk with the warped bass and synths but then House with the echoed beat and middle element which is totally different and breaks up the song. I was happy to see YouTube talent, Durand Bernarr (who did the best and famous cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’), featured on ‘Freefall’. It’s a chill tune and his vocals suit it well. Teedra Moses features on ‘Culture’ which has a strong, regular beat with vocal work on top. I like the melody and the Alternative feel to it. ‘The Worst In Me’ (ft. Tinashe) has a very Electronic sound mixed with RnB. I like the background instruments in this one and the vocals compliment the style and pace well. ‘September 21’ opens with a fast-paced drum kit beat and then warm synth chords on top. It’s another purely instrumental one but VERY chill. The final track ‘Midsection’ (ft. Pharell Williams) is a real holiday tune. It’s got world music beats and then audio of people partying in the background. You gotta play this one on a beach at night.

A varied album perfect for people who like music with mixed genres and moods.