welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Juicy

Playful, pink and purrrfect. Doja Cat’s album is quirky, oozes personality, sex appeal and tells girls to own it. Full of catchy melodies and hard beats – she owns it

I have to say Doja Cat is quickly becoming one of my favourite female artists with ‘Juicy’ and ‘Go To Town’ being on-repeat on my playlists. When I saw she released an album Hot Pink recently, I HAD to review it (mainly to add to my playlist). Doja Cat is a US female rapper known for her “playful” lyrics and incredibly catchy tracks with RnB beats, quirky melodies and “unapologetic” feline charm. The cover art is (like Summer Walker’s recent one), VERY pink. It shows Doja Cat naked against a wall with pink hair and long gloves with possibly the shiniest earrings. What a look.

Image credit: DojaCat.com

The first track ‘Cyber Sex’ opens with a hard beat and bubble-pop tune as she starts singing in dual voice about how she wants to make a sex tape with her man and “break the internet” when they have cyber sex. The rap is fast, bouncy and then changes to the chorus which is more sultry. Smino features on ‘Won’t Bite’ which opens with harmonised vocals and then an island music feel as a delicate harp-sounding instrument plays in the background underneath the chaotic music. The rap is aggressive and playful with vocal ad-libs that are SO Doja Cat as she warns her man that if he plays her or tries anything she might just make things turn painful. Smino’s verse compliments hers well, I have to say. I love the electric guitar in ‘Rules’ and the beats as she raps about how her man should pleasure her but not “play with my emotions” – word. ‘Bottom Bitch’ opens with an echoed electric guitar and then a HARD beat (kind of Trap style) with lyrics about how she’s this girl’s pimp.

‘Say So’ has that 70s Disco feel to it and it’s super funky. This one is a catchy tune without a doubt which has more of a Pop feel to it with some great vocal variety. Gucci Mane features on ‘Like That’ which starts with vocal ad-libs and a very RnB beat as she tells him to “do it” like that the whole night. Her rap is quick and she subverts the idea of power when it comes to sex in almost every song (I mean, as we’ve learnt from Summer Walker…girls need love). It’s a sexy and cute song. ‘Talk Dirty’ opens with intense vocal FX and harmonies running through it. The beat makes you move for sure as she includes a muffled audio chorus quickening the pace of the song. ‘Addiction’ opens with a softer melody then a Funk beat and instrumental as she talks over it about how she “needs us addicted”. It’s old school and the vocals here are super Pop which works well.

There is more of a 90s Hip-Hop opening and then slows right down into a sexy The Weeknd-style beat and instrumental in ‘Streets’. She sings slowly in an RnB style as she explains how it’s “hard to find someone like you”. Then she introduces some rap about how she wants to keep him and eventually marry him – but she puts the ring on him. ‘Shine’ opens with piano chords and distorted synths and then an vibey chorus build. There is a slower, strummed dream guitar which is then interrupted by more hard beats as she sings about how “she ain’t no queen” in ‘Better Than Me’ as she compares herself to her competition. Ouch if you’re that girl. My favourite track ‘Juicy’ featuring Tyga is last and I can’t even express how much I love this song. It’s playful, catchy and all about her ass which I think is just a great idea for a song. Tyga’s verse isn’t bad at all. It works with the mood of the song big time.

Great for a girl’s night or when you’re doing your makeup as it makes you feel like a queeeeeeen and THAT bitch.