welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: House Party No. 1

It’s upbeat, quirky and the lyrics tell a very relatable story in each song that makes you remember your first heartbreak and first house party

There isn’t a whole lot of information on Spotify about artist, Blossom Caldarone, except for the fact that a lot of her fan-base seems to be in London and that genre-wise, she fits into Alternative Pop. Her EP, Not My Story To Tell, has interesting cover art displaying a grid of four photographs of herself in 4 different moods (to match the 4 songs on the EP?). I quite like this idea and was definitely ready to listen to her tracks.

Image credit: Genius

‘Perfect Too’ has a very Lily Allen vocal style. It’s upbeat, Pop-y and has a nice use of magical harp songs and a 60s style beat. This song is about how someone loves themselves and she ends up having a dream where she woke up as the person and discovers they’re not perfect either. It’s quirky for sure. ‘House Party No.1’ has lovely vocals tied with minor piano chords and a retro synth in the background soft. The chorus is great and I love the lyrics “you’re a rebel without a cause, your mother thinks your innocent”. It tells such a story, as the rest of the track does. It gives the impression of youth, being wild and “being a drifter”. It has a nice use of strings too which leads to a change of melody into something softer and dreamier. The vocal harmonies are also very pretty.

‘Immature’ begins with a lovely plucked bass and gorgeous strings whilst she sings about how she “keeps stringing him along” because she’s not sure what she wants. It’s a delicate song with some lovely vocal work. The final track, ‘Bed’ is “a story about a boy who broke my heart”. The instrumentals and beat mirror the first track as they present this upbeat melody with piano but then contrasts with moments of melancholy and hopelessness.

This EP is good to have on in the background when you’re getting on with something. It’s a short listen but if you like Lily Allen style music, you will enjoy Blossom’s EP.