welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Body

I wouldn’t even be lying if I said I was slightly obsessed with this sexy, honest and smooth RnB album full of her stories and stunning vocals

Summer Walker is a name I’ve seen pop up on my Spotify, YouTube and Instagram loads in recent times. I think the song that caught most people’s attention was ‘Girls Need Love’ (remix featuring Drake) which I saw posted on so many people’s stories. In all honesty, I hadn’t really explored her music much and I think I only played that song once or so just to see what the hype was. So, I guess it’s kind of good that I’m giving this album Over It, a real listen because I want to hear her music and find out more about her lyrics, style and message. The cover art really caught my attention. It’s playful with a photograph of the US artist on the phone (probably telling one of her girls something stupid her man did), all dolled up and with a whole load of pink everywhere from the eyeshadow to the bedding. I have to rate that look. The album consists of 18 tracks and from what I can tell it has a decent few collaborations with top Hip-Hop and RnB artists.

Image credit: thefader.com

The first track ‘Over It’ opens with an RnB sexy slow beat and echo. Her vocals are clean and tell the story of how she needs a man who can handle her and “keep it real”. The bass is strong and you do find yourself moving to it. I am LOVING the opening to ‘Body’, it’s so damn good. Her vocals are gorgeous in this and the instrumental/bass build in this is so RnB and such a mood. When the beat drops I was like ok wow, this might be my favourite song. It’s sexy af and honest. The production of ‘Playing Games’ is so stunning with a hard beat, guitar melody and powerful beat. Her vocals are so sweet and I’m loving Bryson Tiller’s feature in this. His voice compliments hers so much and when it’s stripped back to just some guitar and his vocals it’s so raw. ‘Drunk Dialling…LODT’ has a warm wave in the background, slow but intricate beat and lovely harmonies. Then suddenly it changes up to a Jazzy bar style vocal at around 1 min 12. It’s romantic, emotional and the vocal work is (again) amazing.

Usher features on ‘Come thru’ which is a real RnB style song. It has a modern but also 90s style to it (the guitar is so 90s). It’s a conversation between a girl and guy with some great harmonies, runs and vocal acrobatics. ‘Potential’ opens with some beat-box style and then warm chords and echoes. It’s a slow, romantic song about how she thinks a guy has potential to be with her and has “caught her interest”. The acoustic guitar and vocal hall style in ‘Fun Girl’. It’s packed with emotion and honesty which I am living for. Her vocals are so beautiful I’m still in awe. ‘Tonight’ has a solid slow beat, sexy bass and harmonies that have me like WOW as she talks about how she wants to “make up for lost time”. I love the instrumental warm waves in ‘Me’, it’s full of echoes, strong bass and it just sounds so good. The production of this whole album is mad.  6LACK (who I love on the track ‘Imported’ featuring Jessie Reyez) features on the more upbeat ‘Like It’ which is really playful and romantic. His verse is strong and also matches the romantic, playful vibe.

‘Just Might’ (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR) is a slow song with warm piano, a hard beat and underlying bass that is present under all the vocals. She references her inspo, Amy Winehouse, in the lyric “love is a losing game” and the verse PARTYNEXTDOOR does works so well. A Boogie wit da Hoodie features on ‘Stretch You Out’ is definitely her calling a guy out. The beat is good here and the clicks work to give it that RnB style. His verse works good with the introduction of a Trap style beat that crops up. A very guitar-focused song with echo-y, pretty vocals in ‘Off Of You’ which is about how she is no longer interested after all the games and not being treated right. I like the instrumental backing to ‘Anna Mae’ with the typical slow beat. I was hyped to listen to ‘I’ll Kill You’ because Jhené Aiko features on the slow, sexy track. This song is about how she has been “waiting so long for a love like this”. ‘Nobody Else’ reminds me a lot of a Drake song – I think ‘Furthest Thing’ – but I really love this one. The final song on the album is the famous ‘Girls Need Love’ remix featuring none other than Drake. It’s catchy and honest as she explains what she needs instead of what she currently has. It’s a raw message about how girls aren’t the ones to tell guys when and how they want it, it’s always the other way round. Well after this album, I don’t think that’s the case. Have to say that Drake’s feature in this works so well. Why am I not surprised?

All I would say is listen to this with headphones to pick up allllll the vocals and solid RnB production.