welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Mistaken

An album full of catchy and quirky songs that you can’t skip

Whilst I had heard of the Swedish Pop artist, Tove Lo, I can’t say that I am familiar with her music. She is an award-winning singer and Grammy-nominated song-writer (Ellie Golding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’…Tove wrote this!). She writes on relatable subjects and adopts an “uncensored style” as she addresses darker sides of love and relationships. Her new album Sunshine Kitty has a strange design for the cover art. We have a photo of Tove in the background leaning on top of a kitchen counter with a yellow cartoon cat (?) chilling there looking kinda stoned. I don’t know what the music will be like but judging by the cover, I think it’ll be playful but also dark.

Image credit: Genius

The first song ‘Gritty Pretty – Intro’ begins with an Italian audio and that’s the song and then toy box kinda upbeat sounds that are kinda distorted. It’s very strange but it introduces us to her. Then the song ‘Glad He’s Gone’ begins with high-pitched vocals that fade into the background as Tove Lo sings the main verses. She talks about how he’s “hard to please” and has an “ego” and “expectations”. She has a Miley Cyrus/Melanie Martinez vocal style and thematic approach too but she does put her own stamp on it. The song is catchy and a ‘moving on’ song with a decent beat and nice guitar. ‘Bad as the Boys’ featuring ALMA is a fast-paced song with guitar and a good beat to dance to. This is more about a fire-y relationship she had with a woman in the summer. ‘Sweettalk my Heart’ has a very 80s singing style with synths and a Latin style beat and bass alongside. It’s pretty good I have to say.

‘Stay Over’ has a nice instrumental backing and then strong bass and beat with her catchy more alternative pop vocals. MC Zaac features on ‘Are U gonna tell her?’ has a fast pace bassline and subtle beat with lots of repetition. Then the quirky high-pitched synths come in with some strange sounds which kinda links to the intro song. ‘Jacques’ (ft. Jax Jones) I have heard before on his album. This one is a very Dance/Club song (pretty good for a workout). The next song ‘Mateo’ opens very dramatically with atmospheric sounds and then a strong beat as she talks about how she can’t let him go. The song is definitely the more emotional out of most of them but there’s definitely a story here because the initial audio mentions a ‘Mateo’ too. ‘Come Undone’ has a harder Trap style beat  as she talks about being really into a guy and losing control. Her vocal delivery in this is really nice and I think it’s my favourite song of hers. One of my favourite artists, Doja Cat, is included on the next track ‘Equally Lost’ which is a VERY dancy track. It would be perfect at a party.

Kylie Minogue features on ‘Really don’t like you’ which has a very pop sound and nice build and then quieter parts in the bridge. This one is very electronic sounding but the pace slows it down and overall it’s a great tune. ‘Shifted’ has a really nice guitar melody in the background partnered with warp bass which gives it a depth as she sings over it. ‘Mistaken’ has that 80s synth sound too and echoed claps as she delivers a sad love song about how she thinks a guy she loves is thinking about someone else. The instrumentals in the background make it even sadder with the minor notes and melody. The final song ‘Anywhere u go’ is a sweet song about how she’ll stick by him no matter what they go through together.

This album has a variety of songs so it’s good for a general listen if you’re travelling somewhere so you can listen and find your favourite tune.