welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Easy For You   

Alternative pop with mesmerising vocals and meaningful lyrics capturing the matters of her heart.

21 year old UK singer, GRACEY, has already made a name for herself in the industry with her song-writing abilities but has now ventured out with her debut EP, Imposter Syndrome, where she looks at relationships and matters of the heart in 5 tracks. The cover art is very bold with a red tinted image of a face almost layered on top of itself in a digital blip with GRACEY in yellow text. If anything, it’s eye-catching and reminded me a little of Lykke Li’s EP designs.

Image credit: Spotify

‘Different Things’ opens up with some atmospheric sounds in the background with piano and raw vocals. Instantly you feel like you’re listening to Lorde with elements of Sia’s voice. The Spotify bio hinted at this and I absolutely agree. It’s quirky in its composition as she talks about loving someone but it becoming hard because they both want something different. I like the different pace, layering of instruments and the silent parts. It really allows for dramatic moments in the song not to mention, exposes all the qualities of her voice. Her sound is very current but alternative too as it doesn’t come across as commercial at all.

‘If You Loved Me’ opens up with a warm synth in the background and a clapping sound as she sings delicately on top. The build-up of instruments works really well and the vocals are amazing. There is attack, there is vulnerability and something then completely raw and different. Her ‘big’ notes are definitely Sia-style with those infamous voice breaks at the end which adds to the emotion of the track. ‘Fingers Crossed’ has a slow beat but intense use of multiple synth sounds. The draw for me is the heavy bass which adds a lot of depth to the song. Her vocals are very strong in this and I like the background sounds that keep coming in and out.

The more commercial-sounding song is definitely ‘Easy For You’. I LOVE this song though and had to play it again. She talks about how she should have “paid attention to the way you treated your ex” and all the red flags she saw but chose to ignore. The backing music is sooooo good with bass, a nice beat and powerful synth FX which are then taken right back in the quiet parts of the song. The final track is just a piano acoustic version of her first song ‘Different Things’ where we get to hear her voice even more. What is wonderful is that it suddenly becomes very real and melancholic stripped back. And OMG does she deliver some massive notes towards the end of the song. I hope she releases an album soon because I think her music can only get better. She has so much talent, a great voice and knows what her sound is instrumentally.  

I can see this music being used in a coming-of-age Netflix series.