welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Unspoken

Rustic but melancholic, there is so much emotion and pain in his lyrics that come through in each song but you can’t help but hear his story

Another UK singer who is blowing up in Aaron Smith with his 4-track EP Loveless that looks at love and trauma in a delicate and beautiful way. The cover art is very cool with a black outer and then purple/orange tinted double image of what I believe to be Aaron Smith looking as if he’s stuck in the middle of a decision with a lot on his mind that I guess he explores and expresses in the EP.   

Image credit: Spotify

The first track ‘Better Man’ has a very haunting opening with piano and then raw vocals alongside repetitive synth in the background. It’s intense for an opening but the vocal work here is stunning and reminds me a lot of ZAYN’s music combined with Aloe Blacc, especially with the echoes and the backing music but then the harsher stamping beat and heartbeat sound. It’s melancholic but also incredibly masculine in its sound and presentation. It has a very rough, rustic sound to it which I think would do incredibly well at festivals but also in films.

‘In My Way’ is the song that I think he displays the most ‘Coldplay’/Chris Martin vocals but with more of a cutting edge. The piano and subtle guitar makes the song one where we see his vulnerability and pain through a very memorable melody. More piano in the next tune. ‘Unspoken’ opens with STRONG vocals that explores his falsetto. I love the way he sings in this song and I really believe the words he says which I think is hard for an artist to achieve (especially since most of them have to go through multiple recording sessions by which time your lyrics and the raw feelings when you wrote them don’t always join up again). He has a lot of power in his voice and you get the delicate side but then you also get the BIG vocals which is nice variety-wise. The final song, ‘Better Than You Loved Me’ is more piano but this time with the delicate guitar. The composition gets more commercial as we get to the chorus but I think that’s actually nice to hear because he makes it his own with his unique voice and the backing vocals with that drum kit heavy chorus. The chorus is catchy and I can see this one being perfect in a film or TV series.

This EP is great for a film or TV series, I’m saying it again but I think it’s true.