welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Do Not Disturb

It was hard to pick a favourite song because Mahalia delivers some glittering gold 90s RnB style songs looking at, well, love and compromise.

Can’t lie, I’m excited about reviewing this one because Mahalia is from none other than Birmingham (represent)! She has a following in London but also in many states in the USA and even the Netherlands. The Alternative RnB singer has released a few EPs but has now released a second album, Love and Compromise, which consists of 13 songs that I cannot wait to hear. As a major fan of RnB and as an aspiring Alternative RnB artist myself, I am intrigued to see what is trending out there and what Mahalia’s music is like.

Image credit: Complex

‘Hide Out’ opens with an audio between a man and woman and then we have a solid beat and vocals in the background. Mahalia’s vocals are clean and work really well with the RnB beats and backing. This song is about how she finds it funny how she’s expected to “compromise” when “a man comes into my life”. Yeah, we all with you on this one sis, you do you. ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ has a very Lauryn Hill beat, some RnB piano and vocal work in the background about the need for closure. Burna Boy features on ‘Simmer’ which has a unique instrumental backing and then a heavy bassline and beat. The chorus is catchy and Burna Boy delivers a strong verse. I like when the music holds back a little and becomes subtle and then brings us back to intense sounds.

‘Good Company’ (featuring Terrance Martin who does some incredible synth RnB work) has a really Funk feel to it with the plucked bass guitar and hard beat. The harmonies in this work nicely too. ‘What Am I?’ throws us back to the 90s. I love the magical introduction that just makes you visualise gold glitter. Her vocals in this are delicate but soooo clean. ‘Regular People’ features Hamzaa and Lucky Daye which talks about how there is something good about being “regular people” rather than playing some game. The vocals in this all work incredibly well together and will have you swaying side to side. ‘Karma’ opens with some jazzy piano and brass that I LOVE. It totally chills you out and then brings out an old school RnB beat with a melodic delivery by Mahalia who talks about making a boy come around eventually to her.

‘He’s Mine’ opens with some strummed guitar and clicks with a fast vocal. The bass on this is harder here and there’s a good amount of rhythm to this one. VERY 90s again and VERY old school. I was excited to see the talented Ella Mai on ‘What You Did’. Oh my goodness, it’s a whole vibe. It’s big and dramatic and that bassline hits. ‘Do Not Disturb’ is a GREAT song with storytelling. I love this song and the actual backing music. The last three songs are more of the same. Beautiful, meaningful and with some classic beats and vocal work. This is a STRONG album with presence.         

This album is good for a girl’s night. Grab the prosecco and dance with your girlfriends to some golden tunes.