welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Buss Down

Air Forces, Girls, Henny…could this be another UK Rapper making his mark in the industry? But this time we’re dealing with a Mancunian not a Londoner

So this guy has been all over my Instagram and YouTube so I had to eventually come across his hit single ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’ and when I watched the video and a couple of interviews he had undertaken, I saw the appeal of the new UK rapper from Manchester, Aitch. I didn’t know he would be releasing a whole album so soon but I saw he had released AitcH2O on Spotify and had to give it a listen. I really liked the wordplay for his album title and the cover art which basically shows Aitch having water chucked on him. The 19-year old has already worked with some big names and has acquired a large following across the UK so it will be interesting to see where his career goes.

Image credit: GRM Daily

‘Intro’ starts with a drop of water sound effect and then BOOM we have that Northern accent coming through with some flow. I was impressed AF. The backing music is very UK Rap with some soft xylophone sounds and a chill beat to complement the rapping. You get a sense of his character from his cheeky rap style as he chats about the girls he’s trying to move but also down-to-earth storytelling as he tells us what’s really going on. ‘What’s Next’ is a question we’re all asking. The beat is harder in this because we have more bass. The way he delivers the chorus echoes the likes of AJ Tracey, Skepta and MoStack but his accent distinguishes him and adds a unique charm to it all. Tyreezy features on ‘Already’ which has a SOLID bassline and beat. Again, this is nice flow and a UK Rap beat. I like Tyreezy’s bit too. It works well alongside Aitch’s catchy verses.

‘2 G’s’ is where Aitch talks about himself and his “battle” for his spot in the game and of course, Gucci. It reminded me of the idea AJ Tracey has with ‘Double C’s’ where he’s on about Chanel. I like the backing music to it as well. It’s more chill but his flow is still impressive. You can tell who he’s influenced by but you can also very much see him as a credible rapper who can hold his own. ‘Aeroplane Mode’ has a nice Hip-Hop piano on repeat with a hard bassline and a hi-hat heavy beat. His rap is decent in this one but I prefer his other songs slightly more but I like the fact that he “stays true” to his own mind despite what’s happening around him. ‘Buss Down’ (featuring ZieZie) is one of my favourites on his album. The flow is nice, the beat and bass is wavey and it’s a VERY catchy tune. I like ZieZie’s parts because it adds a little more variety to the song alongside some of the vocal FX in the background.

Wow he’s made it. A collaboration with Steel Banglez and MoStack on ‘Weekday’ has me shook! I like the soft piano and beat in this one. MoStack’s part reminds me of his rap in ‘Girl Diary’ because this song talks about a lot of girls they’re seeing and what they’re about. Finally, ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’ beats Tyga’s ‘Taste’ for me (controversial I know) but I love the backing music to this and the HARD beat and bassline to this. His flow was smooth and I remember when I watched this video that was filmed in his ends I started taking notice of him and I suppose this was the song that made me want to hear and review his whole album.   

Like I suggest for most UK Rap albums, they’re ideal for a chill listen but also for a pree’s session. So bring the Henny.