welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: deep end – alt version

What feels like an insight into the heartbreak and mixed feelings of the singer as she battles with walking away whilst still being nostalgic over someone

I had come across Lykke Li when I reviewed Mark Ronson’s latest album. She actually featured on one of my favourite tracks of his album so I was happy to see that she had released an EP. Lykke Li is a Swedish indie pop artist known for her delicate vocals and retro-chic style. Her EP title still sad still sexy pays homage to her album title so sad so sexy released in 2018. The cover art also resembles the look of that album with cut-outs of images in red face and blue interior of a car on a white background accompanied with some writing on top. It’s got quite a personal feel to it so I’m interested to hear the lyrics of the EP.

Image credit: Spotify

The first track ‘sex money feelings die REMIX’ (featuring Lil Baby and snowsa) opens up with warped vocals and synths in the background. Then rapping comes in with warm wave synths in the background and a slow, subtle beat. This song looks at trading love and a relationship that doesn’t have much feeling attached. There is something very melancholic about this song but the chorus is catchy and the bass comes in with the chorus which lifts it. A hi-hat RnB beat comes in here and there too with some intense background vocals too which makes it deeper. ‘two nights part ii’ features Ty Dolla $ign and Skrillex which has an atmospheric instrumental backing and then a softer beat as it builds up into a Dance chorus. Her voice is definitely a delicate one but once that puts you in a trance. I like the inclusion of an audio telephone voicemail too which makes it seem more real and adds a little story to the track.

Her next song ‘baby doves’ opens with more wavey synths and beautiful soft vocals. This song is addressed to a lover that she misses and is nostalgic about. It’s got an old school 90s feel to it when it comes to the chorus. ‘neon’ has a stronger bass synth running through it and then a cutting vocal. This one is pretty catchy and has a dreamy quality to it. ‘so sad so sexy – alt version’ opens with quiet piano and clean vocals. It’s a sad song about her walking out on someone. Her vocals are so beautiful here and it is a song that is FULL of emotion. I really like what she’s done with this one. It’s simple but I think, the most effective. ‘deep end – alt version’ again shows her vocals off with layering and subtle piano in the background. I guess the alternative versions are probably kind of stripped back versions of songs that appear in her album. Either way, they’re very listenable. The ending to ‘deep end – alt version’ is so stunning and kind of sci-fi in a way with vocals that reminded me of Nelly Furtado. It’s definitely my favourite track of the album.    

Play this album on a long drive at night or when you’re in your feelings in your bedroom.