welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: Bad Behaviour

She has blended chill RnB with lyrics that pierce. She understands the struggle of modern times, love and making it big and her music exhibits a mastery of vocal ability that marries well with the soft synth tones of her EP

Algerian singer, Miraa May, is yet another artist brought up in none other than North London that I hadn’t heard about. Every time I write a review and come across a new UK artist I get so hyped (WE HAVE TALENT!). She burst onto the scene in 2014 with her debut EP and then again in 2016 with her second EP but she has now another EP called Dark which I am very excited to listen to. What really grabbed me about this was the cover art. It had a graphic novel look to it (perhaps depicting the artist herself) in various frames which I really liked, particularly as I grew up visiting shops like Forbidden Planet to buy the latest merch and pick up some comics (yes, I was into DC and Marvel big time). The EP consists of 6 tracks so let’s delve into it…

Image credit: GRM Daily

‘Work’ immediately explores the beautiful quality of her voice with harmonies, then bringing in a slower RnB chill beat which quickens as we enter the chorus. I like the magical sounds in the background to the song. She certainly has great lyric-writing abilities and her voice compliments the genre of music she makes and presents itself as vulnerable, controlled, romantic but also authoritative. It’s a nice blend. ‘What I Smoke’ again has that slow beat but the bass in this is more present. Her vocals are very current and I see a similarity to Sinead Harnett here and there. I like the melody of the guitar in ‘Bad Behaviour’. She delivers the lyrics in this RnB/Alternative Hip-Hop way which really works. It’s chill and romantic but then there is this undercurrent of attack and accusation directed at what I’m assuming to be her lover who’s acting up.

I liked the harder beat and bass in ‘No Shame’ which is a song about her career and journey to where she is now. I like how she sings quickly in her chorus to show a little variety. She’s not just a chilled singer, she has things to say and although her voice has a soft, feminine tone to it, it’s full of powerful, raw words that express her feelings. ‘Think That’ comes in with a repetitive synth and then warm wave synths in the background. The beat is a little different here but still a slower RnB one. The bass is again, more powerful in this song and the chorus is catchy and it makes for a very listenable song.

The Bonus track ‘Angels’ (featuring Jme) is a subtle soft synth keyboard and then more of a dancy beat that builds up. The dynamics are in full works here and her voice and harmonies work really nicely here. Her sound is in touch with this current trend of chilled out RnB music with beautiful harmonies even though the lyrics tend to be fierce. I’m living for it to be honest. Jme’s verse isn’t bad and he displays talent here too. They both complement each other’s voices here. Too harsh of an addition would have ruined the tone of the song but this one worked.

This EP would be nice to listen to whilst getting ready in the morning. It’ll have you humming along but it refrains from being too harsh to hear first thing.