welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: Brown Sugar

These two know how to make music that you have to turn up to and jam to. It’s interesting, quirky but still VERY listenable. I feel like they know what they’re doing with current music trends whilst still keeping with their identity and sound

IDER formed in North London and consists of two “mercurial song writing talents” known as Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. They seem to have listeners in Germany, England and the USA so it’s quite exciting to see that this duo have international fans. Since releasing their debut track, they have caught the attention of radio stations, producers and artists alike which makes me only more intrigued to listen to their album titled Emotional Education. The cover art shows two women (who I am assuming are Megan and Lily) posing with each other against a backdrop of orange-purple lighting.

Image credit: DIY Mag

The album opens with ‘Mirror’ which almost sounds like you’re half way through a song. The vocals are really beautiful and the harmonies work so well, as do the pan of the vocals when you listen to it with headphones. It’s got quite a Pop feel to it but perhaps more an Alternative Pop than commercial. I like the backing music with the warm, subtle synths and then quiet bass and drums which then build to the chorus with some brass. ‘Wu Baby’ is all bass and clicks that then have some haunting vocals and resonant cable sounds bursting through. This song has ATTITUDE for sure and this comes through in the lyrics and instruments. It’s catchy and I had to turn it up because, well, it was great. ‘Busy Being a Rockstar’ wasn’t as memorable to me but it was still a decent song. ‘Brown Sugar’ has this 80s synth and vocal chant delivery with dual voice which then explodes into piano and a good beat accompanied with pretty vocal acrobatics. You could dance to this song well even though it’s not crazy or thattt fast paced.

The piano in ‘Invincible’ is quite commercial sounding but then the dual voice makes it a little quirky. The chorus is strong and I can see this being used in a film. ‘Clinging to the Weekend’ has a nice strange pitched synth in the background and then a really clean vocal with clicks in the background. This one is a slower and more emotional song. I’m trying to think of artists that remind me of them but I can’t name one yet. ‘Body Love’ also has a pretty piano intro with the dual voice once again. This one has an alternative sound to it that’s quite deep and dark. It’s a calming song with a melancholic but free feel to it. I wasn’t that keen on ‘Saddest Generation’ as such but the final song ‘Slide’ was good. It has a powerful vocal and something reminiscent about it with a catchy and very listenable chorus. This one has a feel of maybe London Grammar mixed with Miley Cyrus. The voices are unique here though which is why I’m drawn to them.

This album is great for a long drive, train journey or plane ride. It has this feel of movement and travel so I automatically associate it to that (I don’t know why but that’s what’s going through my brain right now).