welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: Give Me a Reason

It’s got energy and is pretty quirky in places but if you like EDM/Dance/Electronic music, this is right up your street

Sonny Fodera is yet another artist I hadn’t come across but his major following in London suggests to me he’s a UK artist (I could be wrong though). He has 4 other albums on Spotify which makes Rise his 5th instalment. I had no idea what to expect from it but the cover art looked very interesting. It’s a body being lifted upwards above the clouds which works with the title of the album. But genre wise, I really didn’t know what kind of music he made I just noticed how many collaborations there were which I do love. I feel like collaborations between artists can really make an album that bit more special.  

Image credit: Twitter

The first song, ‘The Moment’ (featuring Lilly Ahlberg) opens with a quick electronic synth piano melody that then builds into a Dance/EDM style song with some ambient vocals. It’s repetitive but catchy and has a good sound to it. ‘Scratch My Back’ featuring Biscuits is a weird song, I wasn’t really sure what’s going on. It then builds into some heavy bass with lots of repetitive vocals incorporated. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song to be honest. The next song, ‘Give Me a Reason’ (featuring Janai) has good vocals (reminded me of 70s style Disco vocals) and has a nice build with hi-hats and piano which makes it more of a coherent song with a massive bass drop after a BIG build. I like the use of strings in this. ‘Been a Long Time’ opens with some Pop style piano chords and it features yet another female singer, Alex Mills in collaboration with Kideko. This one has more of a Dance feel to it. I like the way this one’s been produced.

The vocals on ‘Control’ are really nice and delivered by Shannon Saunders. The backing music has tense strings and a softer Dance beat as it builds into more of a prominent Dance beat. I was really excited to see Sinead Harnett featured on this because I LOVE her song ‘Body’. The song ‘Into You’ showcases her beautiful vocals and sticks to a Dance style backing with repetitive bass lines and electronic sounds. This one would be ideal at a rave. Janai is featured on ‘Push Them Away’ too which sounded more commercial with piano and an Electronic/Dance feel to it. ‘I Got You Girl’ throws it back to some 80s style guitar which is more Funk than Dance and it features a male vocalist this time, Josh Barry. The final song of the album, ‘Feels so Good’ was another 70s style one but to be honest, a LOT of the songs on the album shared similar sounds and instruments. Even the way they were sung ended up being relatively same-y.       

It’s the kind of music to work out to or to bop your head to at some EDM/Dance event.