welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: ‘Room to Fall’   

It’ll transport you out of this world and you’ll be thrown onto a dance floor where you’ll need to survive the intense builds and drops

The DJ/Producer, Marshmello, is probably one of the most intriguing artists out there currently purely for the fact that he is popular as anything, the “new face of Dance music” and…anonymous?? I actually like the fact that no one knows who this is and yet they have over 43 million listeners on Spotify currently with a global fan-base. The cover art for this album (which is the third instalment of the Joytime collection) is very space-themed with planets and vivid colours with a massive “III” in orange which kind of has that old school sci-fi film/video game look to it. Considering the mystery behind the artist and yet, the staggering amount of listeners they have, I was very excited to hear the music shaping the Dance genre currently.

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The album opens with ‘Down’ which has a very upbeat Dance feel to it. The synths here chop through the music and the beat is fast-paced, slowing down and then quickening as the song builds. ‘Run it Up’ is perfect for a party (I mean that’s literally what the song is about) and it has a great melody that could lift a room instantly. ‘Put Yo Hands Up’, featuring Slushii, has a nice softer toned synth opening that builds up into a proper Dance genre melody and quickened hi-hats with an intense build to essentially crazy dubstep. ‘Let’s Get Down’, featuring YULTRON, has those Dance synths on repeat that then builds into a repetitive House/Electro bassline with some audio. The next track, ‘Sad Songs’ has more audible lyrics about moving on and then a good melody using harder synths that chop through the beat. This one is pretty decent, especially as it’s broken up by some strings. This one had quite an Avicii feel to it which is probably why I liked it more than the others.

‘Set Me Free’ has a very classic Dance beat to it. The track, featuring Bellecour, is repetitive (as most of the music is) and the build takes you to a less intense but HEAVY bassline. Wasn’t bad. ‘Room to Fall’ (a collaboration with Flux Pavillion) has nice vocals in the intro from Elohim and a fucking good beat drop. I really liked this song a lot because it was so well constructed. Another mad dubstep style song is ‘Earthquake’…wow. It’s VERY crazy and if you’re drinking whilst listening to this stuff, good luck. I wasn’t that keen on the other songs like ‘Here We Go Again’ but ‘Rescue Me’ had a nice, more listenable/commercial rock kind of sound to it for fans of that. Finally, ‘Proud’ has a chilled out warm wave opening and some vocals that are kind of a continued sound from the previous song. Then the song builds up into some spacey synths with another good melody.       

This kind of music won’t be for everyone and might drive people insane if they don’t like repetitive music but it is great to work out to at the gym, dance to at a festival or use in the background of a tutorial video.