welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: LA CANCIÓN

These two talk sex, love, heartbreak and dancing in Spanish all throughout this album that has great Latino beats and Spanish guitar that you can’t help but move to

I first got to know about Puerto Rican singer and rapper, Bad Bunny, earlier this year when he featured on one of my all-time favourite songs ‘MIA’ with Drake and later with Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’. I hadn’t heard much of Colombian singer, J Balvin’s work though (although he features in my favourite track of DJ Khaled’s album Father of Asahd with ‘You Stay’). But since both these artists ended up being featured in two of my favourite tracks, I was definitely hoping to come across more potential favourites in their collaboration album OASIS which, I have to say, has a VERY quirky and artsy album cover design. It’s pop doll looking versions of both artists on the globe with a whole load of blow-up animals and rainbows and palm trees spurting out of it against a backdrop of space. I don’t know who came up with this idea but it’s cool.

Image credit: Pitchfork

The whole album is in Spanish (I wish I took Spanish class instead of French but here we are…) but I am a big fan of Latino music because it tends to have great beats you can move to and nice guitar melodies. ‘MOJAITA’ is all about them two seeing a hot girl on some beach. It’s got a good beat and backing music but I wouldn’t say it’s anything mind-blowing. ‘YO LE LLEGO’ has a more interesting opening with an echo-y electric guitar in the background and a hip-hop style beat. This one’s about him wanting to go where it’s lively and wherever the money’s at with a lot of shout-outs to Latin American countries. ‘CUIDAO POR AHÍ’ is another song about them wanting to sleep with a girl but the beat is GOOOOOD. It has the classic Latino beat with a good deep bass and synth in the background adding layers to it. They’re definitely trying everything to get her in this song. ‘QUE PRETENDES’ is more of a hostile song sang to a girl who used him and is trying to get back in his life but he’s not having it. This one has that dancy beat but it’s sung more romantically as he’s telling a story here.

‘LA CANCIÓN’ is a sweeter song where he hears a song and it reminds him of the girl and that he’s not actually over her. This song is slower with a similar style beat to the others but with the addition of brass instruments which varies the album and makes it very romantic. I wish I understood Spanish because then I would appreciate the songs even more. ‘UN PESCO’ has a very Latino feel with Spanish guitar and a classic beat but this time we’re back to the vibe of ‘QUE PRETENDES’ where he’s not that flattering.  ‘ODIO’ has a very Post Malone feel to it and they both sing so well in this. The song is about how he loved a girl but now he hates her and wants her to have a crap life. Harsh but maybe she did him really dirty? The final song ‘COMO UN BEBÉ’ is an upbeat song which has a great beat and some warm piano vibes with lyrics about him wanting her and him to stop fighting and just dance. It’s got a late night hot country feel to it and it’s romantic too with a great chorus.

This album is great to dance to with a nice cocktail in your hands on some beach with palm trees. BIG MOOD.