welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: Don’t Leave Me Lonely

This album has something for everyone and really displays Ronson’s skill as a producer. There are some beautiful and interesting songs that simulanteously take you back to the past and propel you to the future

When I hear the name “Mark Ronson”, all that comes to mind is the hit song ‘Uptown Funk’ featuring Bruno Mars that was overplayed A LOT but was still a good tune. The DJ and Producer grew up in a very musical household and has since become a massive commercial success himself and has collaborated with some of the most famous artists including Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse, Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. I recognised quite a few of the songs from his latest album Late Night Feelings. The cover art is black and white and displays a massive disco ball heart cracked in two which is very fitting.

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The first track ‘Late Night Prelude’ had a sci-fi synth which builds up into dramatic romantic strings and vocals. It was cinematic and made me think of being in a casino for some reason. ‘Late Night Feelings’ featuring Lykke Li swiftly follows and has a pulse beat that turns quite funky partnered with some steel drums. ‘Find U Again’ featuring Camilla Cabello was one I had heard before as it’s a very commercial song that has quite an RnB/Pop sound to it with a good bass line. ‘Knock Knock Knock’ was a weird kind of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ style bold opening featuring YEBBA and then a solid drum kit and funk bass guitar. It’s interesting musically for sure but I wasn’t blown away by this one.

She sounds very different in the next song ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’ which has a Drake-style beat and some smooth wavey synths in the background. I liked the melody to this one and it’s definitely catchy and vocally far better. ‘Truth’ had Alicia Keys and The Last Artful, Dodgr with a Tron Legacy style basslines and synths that then become almost gospel. One of my favourite songs on the album is ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ featuring Miley Cyrus which I was playing on repeat for ages. It’s got guitar that is very Western/Country sounding and a fast-paced beat and build to the chorus. It’s a hit and deserves to be one.

Angel Olsen features on ‘True Blue’ with vintage retro audio vocals singing a melancholic tune which transforms into a weird rock and roll kind of retro song with hard electric guitar and then 80s sounding vocals and beats. It is a song that crosses eras and styles of music and I actually really like it. The repetition of “run to you” works so well and makes it super romantic and sad. It’s very Lana Del Rey in parts, I could imagine her singing it instead if it was slightly slower. ‘Why Hide’ is more of an RnB style song, featuring Diana Gordon, and it’s a TUNE.  I liked the strumming guitar in ‘2 AM’ and then Lykke Li comes back for this song with more clean vocals to a slow romantic beat you can imagine dancing to in the evening. The last song, ‘Spinning’ featuring Ilsey opens with a fast pattering sound and atmospheric backing instrumentals. All of a sudden some dual voices distorted vocals come in which transport this album back to the sci-fi, futuristic mood it had right at the start.

I mean, it’s in the title…you should listen to this album at night.