welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite Track: Easy Loving You

His music will take you to another place where the pace of life is slower, the atmosphere is chilled out and everyone dresses in Hawaiian shirts with cool shades

I had never heard of English artist, SG Lewis, before but on reading his bio I discovered that he’s rather in-demand right now as a producer and DJ which was cool. On learning that his genre tended to fit with atmospheric electronic music and dance music, I was keen to see what kind of music he produces. He has collaborated with the likes of James Blake too who has made some great music so I was definitely interested. The cover art goes with the theme of his previous albums: bold writing with an artistic almost painted image in the middle. This time it was hands slipping away which went with the melancholic romantic feel of this album.   

Image credit: Hypebeast

The album opens with ‘Blue’ which is a very chill opening until about 25 seconds in when the beat drops and the song is lifted with upbeat synths. Vocals later join in a warped, distorted kind of tone that sounds really nice with the backing music and beats. This kind of song evokes the idea of blue skies for me until the end where is slows down and then lifts again into an atmospheric more melancholic tune just before it hits the 3 minute mark. I really like the vocals from Clairo in the second song, ‘Throwaway’ which has that chill vibe again. It’s slower, with clicks and a soft xylophone-synth sounding melody in the background that makes it a little futuristic sounding. The warm waves synths in the background add to the soft tones of the song and compliment her pretty vocals.

‘Rest’ has more of a piano style synth with a repetitive melody, again with a melancholic sound. The rustling sound in the background gives it that retro recording feel which weirdly enough takes me to a beach in L.A. in the 70s. It’s cool. ‘Overdose’ featuring HONNE is a bit more of a lively song, similar to the first track with some additions of drum fills in the background and video-game instrumental beeps in the background partnered with some vocal echoes and dual voices which give it that atmospheric quality he’s known for. The lyrics to many of the songs in the album (for those that have vocals) are romantic and focus on human interaction and energy. There is something kinda ‘hippy’ about his music. ‘Flames’ with Ruel is a good tune. The vocals are quite Pop sounding and suit the music very well. I like the chorus because it’s quite catchy and the backing music provides the dancy dimension to it and the 80s sounding synths fit.   

‘Easy Loving You’ is a slower song with warm piano in the background and gorgeous vocals. I’m not sure if it’s SG Lewis singing the male part but if it is….DAMN. The lyrics to this are romantic here again, but this time it’s a lot more emotional and sad. It’s my favourite track of the album because when Kamille comes in with the female vocals to counter the male ones, it feels like a dialogue which makes the song more powerful.

This album is all about the atmospheric instrumentals in the background with synths and soft beats. It’s perfect for chilling on a beach in the sun or lounging by the swimming pool.