welcome to the 60s…remixed



Favourite track: M’s Interlude

His mind is a storm as he battles to showcase all the thoughts going on in his head about love, violence and money through words accompanied by atmospheric backing music and beats

This was the first time I encountered any of UK artist, Evans Junior’s music. He is known as a Multi-Genre artist as he makes Trap, RnB, Afrobeat and Hip-Hop music so I was curious to hear what his music sounds like. The title of the album is Organised Mess and the image displayed is a male figure (perhaps Junior himself?) with a backdrop of a grey background split up with the lower half being an ocean. He himself is blue with a white jacket (looking similar to the thermographic style of Skepta) but his eyes and lips have been marked with a red cross. It’s eye-catching and leaves a lot to mystery.

Image credit: GRM Daily

Moving onto the first track aptly titled ‘Intro’ which opens with a choral and vocal compilation and then some synths and ambient instruments. Junior’s rapping then comes in and it works really well with the backing music and chill beat that comes in 1 minute in. The very first song had me already excited to hear the rest of the album. ‘Shanghai’ and ‘Neverland’ weren’t as memorable in my opinion. They were produced well but they lacked the same quality as the first song. ‘Bang’ featuring S1, Chuks and Reggie had the ‘attack’ that I often find in much of these rap genre songs. The backing music was quite repetitive with chime bell sounds and a kind of repetitive gunshot sound whilst there was rapping about sex and violence simultaneously.

‘France’, featuring Txmmy Rose, was better and seemed more ALIVE. I liked the beat and the chop synths in the background which allowed it to have the ‘attack’ quality whilst still being interesting to listen to musically. The rapping was solid in this song and made me take notice of Txmmy Rose who sounded good alongside Evans Junoir’s vocals. I liked the guitar opening to ‘Neck’ a lot, creating the suspense and then a solid beat drop which worked nicely. ‘Outside’ had more of a UK Rap feel to it with nicer lyrics focused on this girl and how he uses music to tell her how he feels. I LOVE the music intro to ‘M’s Interlude’, it was so romantic and other-worldly with a Hip-Hop beat that worked so well DAMN. My favourite track. ‘Midnight’ shocked me because it sounded really Pop (almost as if Ed Sheeran could have made sang to this)…I guess this is what they mean when they call Evans Junior “multi-genre”.

‘Hold You Down’ was probably a combination of RnB and UK Rap and it is a really sweet sounding song. The vocal work here is very nicely crafted. ‘Jaiye’ is more of a dancy song for sure and I really like the production of this. It’s definitely an Afrobeat/UK Rap style song with a lot of cool instruments thrown in giving a world music feel. You could definitely have this at a summer party or on holiday (someone hold my cocktail). The rest of the album is good but perhaps the only song that stood out to me was ‘Boderline’ which has a great atmospheric backing instrumental going on and some 80s sounding higher pitched synths amidst the rapping.

This album really does showcase Junior’s talent and how he can suit many genres of music. Some of his music is great for a car ride, some for summer parties and some for just chilling wearing headphones so you can hear and appreciate the many layers to his music.