welcome to the 60s…remixed


Released 12th June 2019

Favourite track: Zulu Screams

Dramatic, well-paced, quirky and had me hooked. Honestly one of the most interesting albums of this genre I’ve heard with some great collaborations.

On seeing the artists featured in this album (with the likes of Khalid and Pusha T making appearances), I was SUPER excited to hear it. The cover art to this album is a very futuristic looking portrait of someone in sunglasses. I think it works nicely with the music in the album. I had heard a bit of GoldLink’s influence in Col3trane’s recent album Heroine that I reviewed not long ago (click here). The MC from Washington D.C. is only growing in popularity, gaining listeners in the UK but remaining predominantly popular in the USA.

Image credit: Pitchfork

The opening audio ‘//error’ is a 23 second track that sounds like someone being chased, the tension is definitely present and it’s quite creepy sounding at all which was interesting to hear. I wondered why he included this but perhaps it would make sense overall later. ‘Joke Ting’, featuring Ari PenSmith, is quite a chill RnB sounding song with quirky sounding production and a bit of rapping as well which works nicely. ‘Maniac’ is quite a good addition to the album with decent rapping but it wasn’t hugely musically intricate. Still, I could chill to this. I loved the guitar and bass line opening to ‘Days Like This’, featuring Khalid. This song is slower and produced really well. I love the vocals from Khalid here and I think the echo-y sound effects in the background make this song wayyyy more interesting than ‘Maniac’. The two songs of his I saw on social media accounts were ‘Zulu Screams’ and ‘U Say’. After hearing ‘Zulu Screams’, featuring Maleek Berry and Bibi Bourelly, I have to say this is a GREAT song. The pace is quick, the rapping is amazing and the instrumentals with the beat mixes so well I think this song will be on repeat for a while. It has a holiday island night time dance feel to it and I really like what he’s done here.

‘U Say’, featuring Tyler, The Creator (who I reviewed here) and Jay Prince was the other song I was keen on listening to. The light piano style notes give it that chilled out tone but then the weird sound effects and disjointed backing and vocals make it a very Tyler, The Creator influenced song. I do like it. It’s kinda weird but you find yourself moving to it even though I wasn’t screaming about it ngl. ‘Yard’, featuring WSTRN, is another one you can move to for sure. This one is a bit more upbeat and has that island music style partnered with some bass guitar notes and shakers, which lifts the album. The rest of the songs were all good but, for me, nothing really matched ‘Zulu Screams’. ‘Rumble’ caught my attention with the mix of HARD beats and then uneasy style instrumentals that put me on edge but had me still listening.  

This album needs to be played at a night time party by the beach in a hot country that’s all I’m gonna say.