welcome to the 60s…remixed


Released 7th June 2019

Favourite track: Make Me Fall In Love & You Can Keep Me Forever

He’s flirting with all us UK girls for sure but with bass lines, rapping and beats like this…he’s doing well

Well the introduction to UK Rapper, MoStack’s, album, Stacko, was very cinematic with an audio of what appears to sound like a crime being committed and a guy being on the run. Pretty dramatic and definitely caught my attention. The cover art is really cool with MoStack dressed in a silver jacket with sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton bandana that looks like a crown, holding a stack of money. I guess it makes sense with the ‘Stacko’ title. When the bass and beat drops in ‘Yes, Yes’ I was like WOW. The lyrics are good too, again (as a lot of UK Rap tends to do), there is a focus on mixing the dream lifestyle that comes with money and fame with the reality of social/economic issues from their areas growing up. They definitely keep the London slang alive in their songs which is the whole charm of it I think.

Image credit: GRM Daily

The transfer to ‘Shannon’ was so smooth I barely noticed the tracks move on. The beats are definitely the type you can dance to with a lot of flirting in the lyrics which I’m sure us girls don’t mind at all. ‘Stinking Rich’ featuring J Hus and Dave was one I was curious to hear because well…big UK Rap names all in one song. This one is all about having money and getting the attention of girls because of this. Have to say I loved the line “I ain’t into groupies, fuck you for some Gucci” (that shade at the gold diggers though…) but the one that goes “I know men with no heart and no brain” has me like yup.

I was also interested in the collab with Stormzy for ‘Shine Girl’. “You just pay your bills and chase your dreams” (mood). This song has great energy between the rappers, that’s one of the key things I noticed anyway. When I heard “Steel Banglez” mentioned in the track ‘I’m The One – MoStack x Fredo’ featuring Fredo, I was like ok here we go…this one has to be big. It’s not bad at all with great backing music and decent beats and some nice piano at the end. I was shocked to hear the opening lyrics to ‘Girl Diary’ which is about girls from all over the UK falling in love with him – one being a Birmingham girl (!). I think this one is for the UK ladies (kinda..although I’m not 100% sure since he ends up kind of just leaving all of them and messing it up?) but the guitar is very romantic sounding for sure. I like the song ‘Make Me Fall In Love & You Can Keep Me Forever’ featuring Dolapo. It’s another romantic one for sure that explores how after it all, he is kinda in his feelings about wanting to be in love but not being sure. The remaining songs of the album weren’t bad at all but the last one ‘What I Wanna’ is a gooooooooood song.

Have to say, I was sceptical about MoStack’s album but if you like UK Rap, clever lyrics and solid bass lines it’s up your street. It’s good for a pree’s before a night out, a house party or a long car ride.