welcome to the 60s…remixed


Released 6th June 2019

Favourite Track: Tough Love

Perfect music for a festival that uplifts you and makes you MOVE

TIM by Avicii is an album released after his death in 2018 that features many artists from Aloe Blacc to Imagine Dragons. The title of the album TIM is a reference to Avicii’s real name, Tim Bergling, which makes this album more of a tribute to him and not his persona. The cover is a photograph of Avicii which is different to the more colourful, artsy albums he has released but I think it works nicely. I didn’t know what to expect from this album but on hearing the first song I was like wow ok this is powerful with the opening track ‘Peace of Mind’ being a strong one. Avicii’s music, to me, is the kind of stuff you really vibe to at festivals. The song ‘Heaven’ is definitely one for a festival I would say. It’s dancy, electronic and very summery sounding. I’m pretty sure it also has Chris Martin from Coldplay doing the vocals to this, with his distinctive voice coming through and complimenting the song a lot.

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‘SOS’, featuring Aloe Blacc, is one that has already made the UK charts and I’ve heard this one a LOT recently. It’s not bad but I think because I’ve heard it so much I’m not thatttt keen on it. One that I vibed with was the following track ‘Tough Love’ which had a kind of Irish/Indian violin sound to it introducing the song followed by a build up to a more dancy style. I LOVED what he did with this song because it’s so different and has those influences of world music that make a song something unique and interesting to listen to. Of course, much of the songs are repetitive lyric wise because the actual music is supposed to shine through and it does (especially here). ‘Ain’t a Thing’ is a slower song that is perhaps more heartfelt with some nice vocals from Bonn, although the chords to this are very typical of Avicii and the drops are also predicable. I wasn’t a fan of this one as much because it sounded way too commercial.

I was curious as to what the song ‘Heart Upon My Sleeve’ featuring Imagine Dragons would be like. The vocals are great for sure (no surprises there) and the build is the best in this song combined with what I think is cello to quicken the pace. It’s perfect for a chase scene in a film or a video game trailer. Just comes to mind I don’t know why. ‘Never Leave Me’ was another slower and sadder song with piano and catchy vocals from Joe Janiak, with high notes done well. The last song of the album ‘Fades Away’ also uses piano and is slower, the vocals from Noonie Bao are beautiful I have to say. I was like DAMN. This song builds up to become a Dance music one but it also has a haunting quality to it which works so well.

Avicii’s album is definitely one for festivals and summer parties. It’s a good collection of songs featuring great artists. All of the songs will have you moving, that’s for sure. It’s not going to be everyone’s type of music but it is well produced and, I think, a good tribute.