welcome to the 60s…remixed


Released 31st May 2019

Favourite Track: The Fruits

Mix ZAYN’s vocal background effects with some UK rap beats and you kinda get Col3trane.   

I was definitely interested in Col3trane’s music because of his collaborations with UK producers in the Hip-Hop and UK rap scene. I’m not very familiar with his stuff as such so I wanted to see what this album, Heroine, consisting of only 7 songs was like. The cover art was interesting though as it shows a kind of messy sketch of eyes and then wings very similar to the style of ZAYN’s Icarus Falls album. It’s very artistic and I actually like the messiness of it. I’m not sure whether he means the drug or a female hero but maybe that’s the point and he means both (my English Literature analysis is so deep right now clearly). Either way, I like what he’s done with the title of the album.  

Image credit: Hypebeast

BUT…I was kind of left like bored with the first few songs as the first song didn’t really do much for me and I think it would have been better if the album opened with ‘Heroine’ not ‘Divine Intervention’ but there must be a reason for this decision. ‘Heroine’ is a bit better and, in my opinion, the vocal work is varied, the beat is stronger and it just seems as if it was produced better. I do like the intense vocal work in sections of the song where he has kind of layered it. ‘Superpowers’ featuring GoldLink was a decent song but again, with a good beat and nice vocal work.

I have to say the collaboration with RAYE on ‘Honesty’ (the interlude of the album) is my favourite song on here because the vocal work is so choral and their voices complement each other well. There are builds and a very ZAYN Icarus Falls echo in the background like in his song ‘Stand Still’ (one of my favourites). The following song ‘The Fruits’ finally lifts the album as you can actually DANCE to this song. I have to say I like these two songs even though they are completely different with this one, again, featuring RAYE but also now DJDS. The next song I have heard before somewhere because I recognised it straight away. ‘Problems in Us’ is a nice mix of a solid Hip-Hop style beat and an RnB guitar. It’s a very catchy song but kind of repetitive so I’m not sure whether I actually like it or not.

His last song ‘We Good’ is…well, good? I don’t know what to say about this one because the vocal work is decent. He sounds good in this one and definitely showcases his singing talent alongside a slower beat and repetition of “we good” with the chorus. The instrumental work is interesting as it slows right down and almost slopes off in the end so it’s quite a cool ending because it almost demonstrates a kind of loss of regularity and control.

I’m not even sure what this album could be used for. Potentially a night drive or a dance routine depending on the song?