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Inspired by the idea of escapism and outer-space. This track includes synths, bass and choral FX to create an other-worldly vibe.

Fairytale (single)

Magical synths, dramatic RnB bassline and beats and lyrics that explore modern romance and expectations.

days in the sun (EP)

Alternative, Indie, summery songs on this 3-track EP written and produced over lockdown. It tells the story of young love, days spent under the sun all with a very vintage feel to echo the freedom of the 60s.

for the night drive (ep)

5-track EP in the Alternative RnB style with influences from around the world to create an atmospheric blend with lyrics that tell the story of romance in the modern age.

last dance (single)

Inspired by both Latin and Arab instruments, this one you can dance to with a drink in your hand under the sun.

1.45 a.m. (single)

Electronic synths and heavy basslines. This is for when you’re taking a drive through the city at night and you’re in your feelings.

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